Saturday, 3 December 2011

Personal Taste/Preference - 개인의 취향

As you've let me decide wether to do Personal Taste or Protect the Boss first, I decided to publish them in the order I've watched it =) This time I'll try to write a bit briefer so that you get an impression of the drama and don't have that much to read...


When Park Gae In (Son Ye Jin), a furniture designer with very little success, meets Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) for the first time, her whole world begins to collaps (although that isn't fully Jin Ho's fault). Her boyfriend Han Chang Ryul (Kim Ji Suk) is getting married to her best friend Kim In Hee (Wang Ji Hye) without telling Gae In before and a very good friend of Gae In loans money on her behalf so that she's in great debt. This is why Gae In is looking for a roommate (after she's thrown out her friend In Hee) who turns out to be Jeon Jin Ho.
Jeon Jin Ho is an ambitious young architect that tries to reach his aims with his own strenght, although this is no easy task, as Han Chang Ryul is his constant opponent, receiving help from his father all the time. He and his co-worker No Sang Joon (Jung Sung Hwa) find out that Gae In's father will be in the jury for a very important architecture contest and that he's looking for a concept like his Sanggojae (a sophisticated hanok - traditional korean home). In this exact Sanggojae Park Gae In is living and now that she's looking for a roommate it seems to be the perfect chance to find out the specialities of the hanok.
Despite the fact that Jeon Jin Ho is absolutely straight, the events going on show him as a gay guy (what gives him much advantage in becoming Gae In's roommate). He gets tangled up with all his lies and is unable to confess his love for Gae In, although it has become obvious that she has already fallen for him. As their little revenge game (Gae In pretends to take Chang Ryul back and Jin Ho secretly advises her) goes on, they slowly start to show feelings for one another.
As the end of the competition comes closer, In Hee and Chang Ryul somehow find out that Jin Ho moved into Sanggojae to take advantage of Gae In. That's why they assume that he doesn't really love her but pretends to be, in order to use her. In fact, Jin Ho truly loves Gae In and therefore has his own methods and strategies to wriggle himself out of that crazy situation.
In addition to that, Park Gae In has to face the truth about her mother's early death and therefore needs Jin Ho's support even more...

Main Characters:

Jeon Jin Ho
Jin Ho, the young and ambitious (straight) architect moves into Park Gae In's home in order to find out the secret special traits of Sanggojae. Being considered gay he moves in quickly and the new roommates soon become friends. As the story develops the love between Jin Ho and Gae In begins to grow and they find themselves tangled up in a confusing love story. Jin Ho has to be honest to himself and those around him and slowly begins to reveal his feelings. The project he's working on is still considered to be based on the Sanggojae-Concept but Jin Ho soon realizes that he can't use Gae In in that way.

Park Gae In
Park Gae In is the daughter of a well-known architect and designs furniture. She's trusting and therefore a great victim for betrayal. Her current boyfriend Han Chang Ryul and one of her "best" friends Kim In Hee (I'm putting this in quotation marks, aware of the fact that this woman is no good friend at all, although Gae In does not realize this fact for a very long time). She's taking in Jeon Jin Ho as a roommate because he's gay and they live together avoiding and denying their feelings. Gae In wants to take revenge on Chang Ryul and asks Jin Ho for help. As they proceed with their plan to destroy Chang Ryul it becomes undeniable that it's not just friendship anymore. Due to the fact that Gae In believes Jin Ho's gay she cannot accept her feelings and tries to shut them down (as if something like this would be possible, but well, it's a drama...).

Personal Rating:

This drama was great! It's not only that the actors seem to have an awesome chemistry but also the stroy line that fascinates me. I love the clumsy and naive Park Gae In because she undergoes the most dramatical change in the drama. Jin Ho is (besides the fact that he's strikingly handsome) a nice character but he's so damn passive (excuse me) that I sometimes want to crash the screen, take him by the shoulders and tell him to not act so strange (okay I'm exaggerating but that would be so cool). Furthermore I'm a big fan of architecture and therefore was pretty impressed by the beautiful Sanggojae. I haven't seen a hanok before but I hope I will one day =)
What I want to mention regarding all Korean (or other) dramas, I don't like the extravagance sometimes because this reminds me of a theatre performance (and I don't really like theatre performances) but on the whole Korean filmmakers are doing a great job adapting a story!
By the way, try watching the behind the scenes sometimes! It gives you a good impression of how hard work can be, how the actors are working and furthermore offers many funny moments to watch.

Have fun watching =)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

City Hunter - 시티 헌터

This highly rated Korean drama is from 2011 and I watched while it was aired (not in Korean of course but two days later I could watch the subbed version on the internet). So this is a really special drama to me and (like many others) one of my favourites! City Hunter is thrilling, addictive and people from all over the world are captivated by it =) You can look up the Episode Ratings here, they're truly amazing!!

The series start on the day of "Rangoon bombing", October 9. The Burmese President should be killed on this day by North Korean soldiers. After the attempt the president survived (although many other politicians died), a secret group is formed that has to force its way into North Korean territory. Unfortunately this mission fails because the group bumps into a South Korean patrol (which of course doesn't know that the as North Koreans disguised men are actually from the same side). The South Korean soldiers shoot all of the members of the special unit exept one. And exactly that man is seeking for revenge...

Some years later the only survivor Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong) is earning a little forntune with drug trading in the Golden Triangle in Thailand. Also the son of his best friend (who has been a member of the special unit) Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) is living there with him, getting trained many hours a day to take revenge for his dead father one day.
Some years later, Lee Yoon Sung is 17 or 18 now, the young man has a mind on his own and gets along well with the inhabitants of Thailand. During a walk through a village he comes by a casino (or at least it seems like it is one) where a gang who is just about to cut off a man's hand because they think he has cheated. Yoon Sung, highly motivated, throws his apple into the direction of the window behind which the action is taking place. As the gang turns to him and chases him, he rescues the man, who happens to be Korean too, and flees back "home". This funny guy, Bae Shik Joong (Kim Sang Ho), is taken in Lee Jin Pyo's group living in the Golden Triangle. When the gang that chased Bae Shik Joong before appears again, Lee Yoon Sung can prove his abilities of handling guns. Unfortunately his only mother figure is shot during that incident.
Lee Yoon Sung then studies at the United States and goes to Seoul when he's a 28-year-old MIT graduate. It's 2011 now and Yoon Sung's mission is to eliminate all of the five politicians who were involved in the case 28 years ago). There he starts working in the Blue House's IT department and now is able to work efficiently on his (or better say on his step father's) revenge. At the Blue House he also meets a girl he only knew from a photography, Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), of who he promised to Baek Shik Joong he would take care of without her noticing it. Of course he falls in love with her but he can't admit his feelings because Lee Jin Pyo is watching over him and telling him not to fall in love because that would only distract him from his work. After a while Kim Na Na realizes that she fell for this bad guy too and somehow she gets involved in the revenge plan. Another important point to mention is that Lee Yoon Sung and Lee Jin Pyo are having different ways of revenge. Lee Jin Pyo ordered to kill them one after another but Yoon Sung just wants to humiliate them and get them imprisoned for a lifetime. He thinks that if they're dead they would escape from their judgement. So he drugs his "victims" and sends them to the police station, where prosecutor Kim Young Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk) is working. This police officer is also given the task of arresting the mysterious City Hunter because it's illegal to kidnap somebody, wheter it's for a good thing or not. In addition to the prosecution of Kim Young Joo, Lee Yoon Sung is also working against his step father which brings him into really dangerous situations. His mother is the owner of a small snack shop and doesn't know that he's alive neither that he returned to Seoul. Yoon Sung reveals that he's her son after some time, against his step fathers will of course.
Many of the politicians die and the current president of South Korea also has a great impact on the development of the story. The end of the series is quite confusing and there are many ways of understanding it, so I won't tell what will happen in the end and will just encourage you to watch the series. =)

Main Characters:

Lee Yoon Sung
Yoon Sung is getting kidnapped by Lee Jin Pyo when he's only a baby. He gets trained to take revenge on his father's murderers (in a figurative way because he should kill the politicians who said that there was no special unit where everybody was killed) in Thailand. When he finishes his studies in the United States he goes back to his home country South Korea. His only aim is to scold the five politicians who were involved in the murder 28 years ago. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he's not the type of guy who would kill somebody just because, he wants these men to suffer and to account for their crime. This is why he sends them to the police station and just vanishes without leaving a trace. His only problem is that the prosecutor Kim Young Joo discovers pretty early (or at least he assumes it) that Yoon Sung is the City Hunter but he has no evidence to arrest him. The clumsy Bae Shik Joong is helping Yoon Sung out with his missions, just like Kim Na Na (who also likes the thought of staying by his side).

Lee Jin Pyo
The best friend of Lee Yoon Sung's father is kidnapping Lee Yoon Sung in order to train him properly. He is the only survivor of the murder 28 years ago and is now aiming for killing the five politicians who let vanish all the documents that would prove that has been a special unit and that they were killed by South Korean soldiers.
When Lee Yoon Sung is only 17 or 18 and they're still living in Thailand he almost loses his leg because he saved Yoon Sung from getting blown up by a hidden mine. His limping is why he's recognized easily but Lee Jin Pyo is really good at covering his tracks. As the story develops he even aims against his foster son because he won't take the revenge the way Jin Pyo wants him to. Towards the end of the series Jin Pyo gets inaccurate more often and in the end he's also discovered by the prosecutor and Lee Yoon Sung works against him too.

Kim Na Na
Na Na is a tiny and small woman who is really good at karate (or some other kind of martial arts). Her parents are both dead and were guards of the president. Now Na Na is aiming to become a presidential guard too. She works at the Blue House where she first meets Lee Yoon Sung. They are partners in martial arts training and she seems to be way superior to him but in fact he just can't show his real skills at "normal" work. Kim Na Na knows what she wants and therefore often struggles in life. She's part-time working too because she wouldn't be able to afford her flat anymore. And of course she won't accept any money from anyone. When Lee Yoon Sung's and Kim Na Na's trails are crossing more often, she starts to care for that shameless and bad guy. After a while she finds out that he's the City Hunter and from that moment on she has to participate in his missions. As the story develops and Lee Yoon Sung let it make known (subconciously) that he likes Na Na too Kim Na Na becomes one of the aims of Lee Jin Pyo becuause in his eyes she distracts Yoon Sung from his revenge.

Personal Rating:

I'm really in LOVE with this drama! The story is really cool and the stunts are amazing (I don't care whether the actors themselves did them or not because also the stunt doubles do a great job), especially the fight scenes. Also the camera work is really really good, I just love the fast and then suddenly very slow camera work (I don't know if I explained it properly but maybe you can guess what I mean when you watch the series). The actors are great and you get really captivated by the great job they're doing! Although I got confused very often when they started to talk about politcs, I still understood the development of the story very well. The film score is brilliant, I really love the two songs "Sad Run" and "Nice Play". Sad Run is the music of thrilling and exiting scenes, Nice Play seems to be the theme of Bae Shik Joong, which extremely emphasizes his clumsiness.
Oh, and by the way, this series is really known all over the world. I even saw people in Austria watching the series (which really surprised me but I was also very happy that I'm not the only one getting addicted to Korean dramas)!!
Well, there's really nothing more to say but WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT =)

Have fun watching =)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Buzzer Beat - ブザー・ビート

This is one of my absolute favourite dramas now (if something like "absolute favourite" exists=P) and this is not just because I adore Yamashita Tomohisa (a tiny little bit) but also because it's a beautiful composed dorama. I really like the idea of bringing a sensitive musician together with a professional athlete. The title Buzzer Beat can be explained by being the very last shot that goes into the goal just as the buzzer announces the end of a game.

Kamyia Naoki (Yamashita Tomohisa) is a professional basketball player of "JC ARCS". Although he's not as tall as his team mates, they all work together really well and Naoki is one of the best players among them. Strangely he always gets nervous in the important games and does not play as well as he did during training.He's getting along well with his current girlfriend Nanami Natsuki (Aibu Saki) who happens to be in the chearleeding squad too. Just before an important game Naoki proposes to her and she accepts under the condition that his team has to win.
Shirakawa Riko (Kitakawa Keiko) is a true -hearted college graduate who wants to become a professional violinist really badly. Together with her best friend Ebina Mai (Kanjiya Shihori) who plays the flute she moves into a small flat. Although Riko plays the violin beautifully she doesn't get hired for the orchestra she auditioned; still she doesn't want to give up and practices every single day. Mai gets accepted but because one person can't afford the flat they're living in with making music, they both have to work at a book shop.
One day it happens to be the same bus Naoki and his friend and Riko and Mai are taking and as the story has to develop, Naoki accidentally leaves his mobile phone in the bus. Mai notices the guy running next to the bus like crazy and then discovers the mobile phone next to them. They talk to somebody on the phone and they set up a meeting to return the phone.
At the meeting place Riko and Mai meet Naoki's head coach Kawasaki Tomoya (Ito Hideaki) for the first time who receives the phone instead of Naoki himself. As he sees Riko for the first time he falls for her straightaway. The two start to meet each other but it's not dating yet. Riko doesn't know how to feel about him and takes her time in sorting them out. Meanwhile someone visits the park Riko is living next to very often, doing some sport. Riko has extremely sensitive ears and is always listening to some kind of sound she can't really classify. After some time she looks out of the window wondering who the person responsible for the noise is. This is how Naoki and Riko meet for the first time. They develop a close friendship and Naoki is coming to the park to practice very often. As time goes by, Riko is dating the head coach of JC ARCS and kind of sure of her feelings but when Kawasaki tells his parents that she's going to be his future wife she starts to waver again. It's somehow obvious that she already develops feelings for Naoki who is still with Natsuki.
As the team is in great dispair because the management doesn't have enough money to pay all the players, they take in the famous player Yoyogi Ren (Kaneko Nobuaki) who is no team player at all. As if his attitude (especially against Naoki) wouldn't be enough, he also flirts with Natsuki who falls for the more adventurous guy. On the other hand she doesn't want to leave Naoki because he's the more sensitive and caring one. Desoite the fact that Naoki hasn't descovered her affair yet, Naoki seems to like Riko more that a usual friend too but because of his loyalty he can't let those feelings rule him.
When Kawasaki takes Riko to a JC ARCS festival it' revealed that he only wanted to win a bet with her and although he swears that his feelings are real, Riko runs away. At the festival she discovers that the key chains of the players are all sold out exept for number 8 (Naoki) and so she decides to buy one. Some days later Riko confesses to Naoki by kissing him in the park but unfortunately he turns her down. The mood between the two of them gets strange and they don't meet as often as they did before. In addition to that Naoki and Natsuki break up because of Yoyogi. When the whole team goes on a training camp, Riko learns of Naoki's and Natsuki's break-up and decides to pay him a visit. Naoki is still struggeling with everything that happend over the last few weeks when suddenly Riko stands next to him in the early morning. She trys to give him some strenght by hugging him but he still doesn't react to her feelings, he just sends her off again.
Meanwhile a little "love and hate" love story develops between Mai and Shuji (another player from Naoki's team). Shuji really likes Mai but he's really shy but despite her outgoing attitude she can't accept her feelings for Shuji that easily. In the end Shuji moves into the flat of Mai and Riko (at that point Mai and Shuji are not dating yet).
When Riko turns 20 the three roommates celebrate it together. All of a sudden they realize that they had nothing to drink anymore and Shuji and Mai decide to go and buy something. Just as the two are gone Riko recognizes the strange sound again and opens the door. Of course it's Naoki playing basketball all alone. When he looks up to her window she shouts down to him (crying - of course) that she will stop liking him and that that she won't come near him anymore. Luckily Naoki doesn't turn her down this time but runs up to her and kisses her. When Shuji and Mai come home Riko quickly hides Naoki in her room where he discovers the key chain, secured on Riko's violin case.
The two of theme are dating but Riko suddenly gets the possibilty to improve her musical skills far away and without any possibility to be reached by phone for a year. Finally she agrees to take the chance to fulfill her dream. It's hard for Naoki to let her go but he knows how important playing the violin is to Riko and finally lets sends her off. During Riko's stay they don't have any contact and Naoki's try to visit her doesn't turn out well because they don't even meet. But he leaves a sunflower for her and Riko now realizes how much she missed Naoki. For their next big game Riko comes to the bowl to see him play and cheer him on. When Riko enters the bowl just before Naoki's important shot, she shouts at him (like she did once before) that he has to win and that he's a 'baka' (idiot).He does the shot perfectly and in addition to that he also manages to do the buzzer beat in the end.

Main Characters:

Kamyia Naoki
Naoki is an energetic and true-hearted guy who earns his living by playing basketball professionally. He is totally in love with his girlfriend Natsuki and even wants to marry her but she's worried about his great inferiority complex. Because of that complex Naoki can't cope with stress situations that well and therefore cracks under the pressure of important games. He becomes friends with Riko after they met at the park / basketball court in front of Riko's flat. As Riko is starting to develop feelings for him he only can think of basketball and Natsuki. The realtionship between Naoki and Natsuki begins to break down as a result of Naoki's complex. Natsuki wants more of the relationship and therefore cheats on Naoki with the new team member Yoyogi. Naoki somehow seems to sense the attitude of Natsuki towards him and develops feelings for Riko too but he doesn't want to admit them yet. When Riko turns 20, Naoki has already broken up with Natsuki and is able to show his true feelings.

Shirakawa Riko
Riko is a true-hearted and sesitive music college graduate who aims for becoming a great professional violinist. She moves in together with her best friend Mai, who is the complete opposite of Riko, an open hearted, outgoing and noisy girl who always supports Riko. When Riko starts top meet the head coach of JC ARCS, Kawasaki, she starts falling for him because he seemed sophisticated and nice but when his bet is revealed, Riko runs away from him. Meanwhile Riko already developed feelings for her new friend Naoki with who she can talk for hours without getting bored. When she confesses to him she gets turned down but luckily Naoki realizes what he feels for her and so the two of them can be happy together. Riko's dream to become a professional violinist hasn't ended yet and because of that she accepts the chance to go on a training camp for a year. Half a year later Naoki leaves a sun flower for her and she realizes that she has to see him and hurries to his big game. This is how they can finally be together.

Personal Rating:
I really liked the story line of the drama, although it's just some love story. Assuming that the two main characters are two totally different characters and then realizing that they aren't that different at all is a really good way to let develop a relationship. Also Naoki's girlfriend, Natsuki, is a great thought-out character as she's smoking and the pushing and outgoing one of the relationship. The best thing about the development of the love story between Naoki and Riko is the billboard in the park, which says "Love is what makes me strong", because Naoki is a very weak person actually and these words describe the story pretty well. Natsuki didn't make him stronger, she only told him to learn how to be stronger by himself and Riko gave him strenght with her presence and support. I was also disappointed up until now, that japanese doramas seemed "ancient" somehow. They never gave you the feeling that they were produced in the last few years. This dorama however showed me that it's not like I thought. =P

Have fun watching =)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Playful Kiss - 장난스런 키스

Presenting the next Korean Drama to you, I have chose my absolute favourite of all the Korean Drama's I've already watched: Playful Kiss! I've watched the series so often that I can't even remember how often I've already seen it =)

The story revolves around a girl named Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min), who is the clumsiest and one of the worst students at school, and the amazing and most intelligent student, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong).
Oh Ha Ni is the daughter of a noodle restaurant owner who is known as the best cook in town - Oh Ki Dong (Kang Nam Gil). Ha Ni is crazy in love with Baek Seung Jo but he doesn't know she even exists. For this reason Oh Ha Ni writes a love letter to him confessing her love. When she gets it back Seung Jo tells her he hates stupid girls and when she opens the paper he gave to her she reaizes that he didn't reply but corrected her mistakes in the love letter. Humiliated in front of everyone she backs down and gets depressed. On the other hand Ha Ni's father tries his hardest to be a good dad to her. The two just moved into a cute two-storey house and are enjoying a gorgeous meal - made by Ha Ni's father of course - when suddenly an earthquake damages the new-built house so badly that they can't live in it anymore. Having lost everything and not knowing where to go, a call changes everything. An old friend who saw the damaged house and Oh Ha Ni's father on TV invites them to stay and live with them until they find a new place to stay.
Baek Seung Jo is the most intelligent and the most handsome guy at school. Unfortunately he's also the most arrogant and the most selfish one. However almost every girl falls for the icy cold guy - even the teachers! When he receives a letter of a girl named Oh Ha Ni, he doesn't even bother to bring her back her own letter (instead of an answer), having corrected every mistake she made. Apparently he's relieved to have gotten rid of another stupid girl but when his father makes a call, asking an old friend to live with his family his life changes dramatically.
The old friend that has called was Baek Seung Jo's father, Baek Soo Chang (Oh Kyung Soo), and now Oh Ha Ni has to live together with the guy that humiliated her in front of everyone and with who she is still in love. Baek Seung Jo's mother, Hwang Geum Hee (Jung Hye Young), is really happy about the fact that she finally gets to live together with a girl (so that she can pretend that Oh Ha Ni is her daughter), whereas Seung Jo's brother, Baek Eun Jo (Choi Won Hong), doesn't like her from the beginning because he has to leave his room to Oh Ha Ni.
As the story develops the two main characters finish high school and start university. Meanwhile Ha Ni tries her best in making Seung Jo fall for her but it seems as if she fails every time. In addition to the fact that Seung Jo doesn't seem to like Oh Ha Ni there's the problem of two further important characters. Yoon Hae Ra (Lee Si Young) is the prettiest girl of university and also one of the most intelligent ones. She immediately gets along well with Baek Seung Jo and it seems that those two genius are a "couple made in heaven" (other than that, Seung Jo's mother is sure of the fact that Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo are the "couple made in heaven"). Not only Baek Seung Jo has a girl that likes him very much, there's also Bong Joon Gu (Lee Tae Sung) who has been stalking Oh Ha Ni for years. When high school is over he decides to work at Oh Ha Ni's father's restaurant and he's surprisingly good at it. The life of Oh Ha Ni goes on without having succes at college, neither in love. She struggles with the fact of not knowing what she wants to do later in life and the fact that she should give up on her love to Baek Seung Jo and try to love Bong Joon Gu instead. Baek Seung Jo himself seems to become gentler and nicer (especially with Ha Ni) but tries his hardest not to fall for Oh Ha Ni. Although he begins a relationship with Yoon Hae Ra, he finally has to realize that he can't love anybody but Oh Ha Ni.
At the time where Bong Joon Gu asks Oh Ha Ni to marry him, which she rejects, Baek Seung Jo finally confesses to her and furthermore immediately asks Oh Ki Dong for permission to marry his daughter. Taken by surprise, Oh Ha Ni has to rethink everything over and therefore decides to move out for a while without anyone telling where she is. Meanwhile Baek Seung Jo has decided to become a doctor and picks his major at medicine school. When he tracked down Oh Ha Ni, she tells him that she wants to be nothing but a nurse so that she can help him at the hospital.
The two of them finally get married and after their honeymoon Oh Ha Ni's next aim is to change her major and become a nurse. To sum up the end quickly, Oh Ha Ni gets the chance to become a nurse and although Baek Seung Jo is still picking on her they are happy in love.

Main Characters:

Oh Ha Ni
Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy person that belongs to the group of the poorest students of the school. For some time she has been having a crush on the genius Baek Seung Jo and decides to finally confess to him in form of a letter. Unfortunately she gets rejected and humiliated by the handsome student. When Ha Ni and her father move into Baek Seung Jo's house her world turns upside down. She has to live together with the guy that turned her down in an unpleasent way in front of the whole school and who she's still having a crush on. Oh Ha Ni is somebody who won't give up until she reaches her aim and this is why she tries to make Seung Jo fall for her with all her strength, although she fails several times.
When Seung Jo finally gives in and reveals his feelings for her she's that surprised that she decides to move out from "home" for some time to sort her thoughts out. When she comes back home she knows that she wants to become a nurse and - just like her character is - Oh Ha Ni tries everything to reach her aim, she even overcomes many of her greatest fears.

Baek Seung Jo
Baek Sung Jo - the genius of the school (and later of the college too) - is a handsome but arrogant person. He turns down almost every girl and doesn't even blink an eye to correct a love letter. When Oh Ha Ni and her father move into his family's house he's only worried about his reputation. He doesn't mind teasing and ignoring her although Ha Ni is trying her best to make him love her. As time goes by his farce begins to fall and it seems that he does have feelings for Oh Ha Ni but he doesn't want to admit them at first. However, when Bong Joon Gu asks Oh Ha Ni to marry him he can't hold his feelings back anymore and finally confesses to her.
In addition to all the luck he always had, he also discovers his passion for medicine and decides to become a doctor (an idea Ha Ni put in his mind some time ago). When he confesses his feelings and asks Oh Ha Ni's father for permission to marry him, Oh Ha Ni runs away to sort everything that just happened out. So when she comes back she admits that her dream is to always be by Seung Jo's side and because of that she wants to become a nurse. Unlike his personality he doesn't tease her this time. The married couple overcomes their differences with humour and it seems that they mix well.

Personal Rating:

The only thing I can say is "watch these series!". You'll be surprised that you start to love everything about it. The actors are great - especially Jung So Min - and the story is really fun. I haven't read the manga books but I guess the director has adopted the story line very well. The only thing you have to endure is the strange beginning of the drama because it starts with a dream of Oh Ha Ni and it is really unrealistic! When I started to watch the series I thought about terminating the series but just in this moment the dream ended. I would regret it if I hadn't watched it. There are also the "YouTube Special Episodes" called "Naughty Kiss" and it tells the story after the end of the real series. Although these are only short sequences, it's really fun! Once you started watching you can't stop anymore =P

Have fun watching =)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The 1st Shop: Coffee Prince - 커피프린스 1호점

Coming up with my first Korean Drama, it's Coffee Prince. The drama has a nice storyline and I really liked the actors but it was not one of the drama's I've watched more than once =)


Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is not the typical girl you would think of in a drama. She has taken over the "father part" in her family because she earns most of the money and furthermore is lecturing her mother every time she buys something expensive (a bag or a ring...). Choi Han Kyul (Goong Yoo) is the son of a rich family and taking care of anything. The most important part in his life is having fun. Unfortunately he hasn't found a wife yet which is troubling his grandmother like crazy. So she sets up blind dates for him - which he bearing more or less - and furthermore he has to open and manage a coffee shop on his own to prove that he can handle money. When He and Go Eun Chan bump into each other he mistakes her for a boy and a (brilliant) idea comes to his mind. If he lied to the "blind-date-girls" that he's gay noone of them would like to go out with him anymore. Furthermore Han Kyul is in need of waiters and Eun Chan doesn't miss the chance to earn more money so she decides to play a (gay) guy.
Another part of the story begins where Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Sung (Lee Sun Gyun) meet. Eun Chan works as a milk deliverer and always plays with Han Sung's dog (who she calls "Juliet" all the time). Seperately from Choi Han Kyul Go Eun Chan so meets the cousin - Choi Han Sung. The friendship between Han Sung and Eun Chan develops really good and some kind of love begins to arise. Ont the other hand Han Kyul (despite the fact that he still doesn't know that Eun Chan is a girl) is starting to fall for her too. So when the cousins meet (they don't have a really good realationship because they always fall for the same girl) the situations are always a bit awkward because Han Kyul thinks of Eun Chan as a boy and Han Sung knows from the start that Eun Chan is a girl.
As if the storyline isn't complicated enough Han Sung's (ex-)girlfriend is appearing. Han Yoo Joo (Chae Jung Ahn) is a really pretty woman and the two cousins have already been fighting over her some years ago (I think it's been seven years because it has been that long that she's been together with Han Sung). While Yoo Joo is trying to make up with Han Sung, he realizes that he has fallen for Eun Chan. Besides this, Eun Chan herself has fallen for Han Kyul but the two can't go out because it has still not been revealed that Eun Chan is a girl...
After some arguments (that always occur at the end of the series, so you get nervous whether they make up or not) the pairs form out of the friendship of four =)

Main Characters:
Go Eun Chan
Go Eun Chan is a lively character that misses no chance to earn some additional money. Eun Chan has several part-time jobs in order to feed her family (her sister and her mother). It seems she has taken over the "father's" position in the family because she's earning most of the money and has to watch out if her mother doesn't buy any unnecessary things. When she meets Choi Han Kyul she sees the chance of earning really much money so she agrees to play Han Kyul's gay partner and furthermore to becoming one of his waiters. As time goes by she realizes that she has fallen for Han Kyul and that she has to refuse Choi Han Sung, her boss' cousin. Go Eun Chan is the most active character in the series and although also she sometimes struggles in life, in the end it turns out well (as it most of the times does =P).

Choi Han Kyul
Choi Han Kyul is a spoiled and childish "adult". His hobbies are women and spending money. Because of his age, his grandmother is worried that he won't find a matching wife in time and so sets up blind dates for him. Furthermore he gets the order to open a coffee shop and manage it well to prove his abilities to handle money. When he accidentally meets Go Eun Chan he mistakes her for a boy and makes up the story that he's gay in order to escape from his dates. He also offers her a job at his coffe shop as a waiter. Many obstacles occur and he has to fight with his cousin over the same girl again (like they did over Han Yoo Joo).
Choi Han Sung
The cousin of Han Kyul lives on his own and earns his money by producing music, which makes him be in grandmother's favour. Seven years ago he fought with Han Kyul over the love of Han Yoo Joo and she finally decided to be with Han Sung. Unfortunately their relationship hasn't been too well and they broke up several times. At the moment where Han Sung becomes friends with Go Eun Chan they're currently not together. When Yoo Joo comes back to apologize and to make up with Han Sung he has to dissapoint Yoo Joo by telling her he has fallen for Eun Chan. In the end he has to accept that this time it's his cousin's turn and that Eun Chan only sees him as a really good friend.

Personal Rating:
Personally I was amazed by Yoon Eun Hye (and by the way the stylists made her look like a guy) because she really did a great working doing this drama. Something that really amazed me was the music. Through this drama I got to know Azure Ray and (now) one of my favourite songs of them: "Across The Ocean". Listen to them, they're really good!! I also love the grandmother (I have seen her in Boys Over Flowers and Protect the Boss too and she's always brilliant!), Kim Young Ok just knows how to do her job =P

Have fun watching =)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hatchimitsu to Clover - Honey and Clover - ハチミツとクローバー

The second drama I've watched was Honey & Clover. Unlike Hana Kimi, I've only watched this drama once. Still it has some really good points and the story is cute too =)


Honey & Clover revolves around five college students that struggle with the most difficult topic of life (or so it's often said) - love. In addition to the fact that love itself is difficult enough, the main characters are all stuck in love triangles. Takemoto Yuta (Ikuta Toma) is in love with Hanamoto Hagumi (Narumi Riko), who is in love with Morita Shinobu (Narimiya Hiroki). Yamada Ayumi (Harada Natsuki) loves Mayama Takumi (Mukai Osamu) with all her strenght but he himself likes Harada Rika (Seto Asaka) a designer for who he works.
Takemoto Yuta meets Hanamoto Hagumi at the college pond one day and falls in love with her at first sight. They meet often because one of their teachers is related to her and wants the four friends to watch and consult her. Hanamoto Hagumi has lived in the countryside all her life long and doesn't know anything but how to paint. When one of her paintings is exhibited at the college Morita Shinobu is so touched (what he barely is) that he runs off to tell her how much he appreciates her work. Takemoto is jealous of his friend because he was the first one to meet Hanamoto.
Meanwhile Yamada Ayumi tries to make Mayama Takumi fall in love with her in what she fails awfully. Mayama himself is not getting tired of telling his boss, Harada Rika, how great she is but she doesn't love Mayama back.
In an accident Hanamoto Hagumi hurts her hand so badly that she can't paint anymore. Takemoto and Morita both try to stay by her side but Morita finally wins the "secret battle" with taking her away from the hospital. Finally she rehabilitates because of the good writing treatment of her friends and has to tell Takemoto that he has no chance by loving her.

Main Characters:

Hanamoto Hagumi
Hagumi is one of the five protagonists around who the story is revolving. She appears at the campus one day and meets Takemoto Yuta for the first time. Hagumi turns out to be a really skilled painter but she is extremely shy and doesn't talk very much. Although Takemoto falls in love with her, she falls for Morita Shinobu - the former best artist (sculpturer) of the campus.

Takemoto Yuta
Takemoto is an architecture student that lives together with Morita Shinobu and Mayama Takumi. They all don't have any money and therefore always craving for food. Takemoto studies architecture like his friend Mayama. When Takemoto meets Hagumi he falls in love with her at first sight. He tries to supress his feelings but he fails obviously. Unfortunately his love remains unrequited because Hagumi falls for Morita.

Morita Shinobu
Morita Shinobu is the oldest student of the university, he is already 26 years old and is in his 7th year of studying just because he's too lazy to finish his studies (although he would be talented enough to do so). When Hagumi arrives at university he is extremely amazed and touched by her paintings. Although he knows about Takemoto's feelings for Hagumi he kisses her one day.

Yamada Ayumi
Yamada Ayumi studies pottery at the university and is always reprimanding her friends. She is desperately in love with Mayama Takumi but this love is also one-sided. She is really vivacious and always expresses her feelings freely.

Mayama Takumi
Mayama Takumi is an architecture student that seems to be the calmest one of the five friends (apart from Hagumi). He works in an architecture office that is lead by the woman he's in love with. Unfortunately this love stays unrequited until the very end. He is annoyed of Yamada Ayumi and his feelings don't change.

Personal Rating:

I have only seen this series once (unlike many other dramas =) ). Still I liked the story because there seemed to be no Happy End. That may sound a little confusing because Happy End's are more relieving than sad endings but although I also really like happy endings I sometimes prefer something else than the usual =) The actors are pretty cool, first of all I watched it because of Ikuta Toma but through this series I got to "know" Mukai Osamu who is also a really skilled actor! Honey & Clover is a nice drama!

Have fun watching =)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hana Kimi - For You In Full Blossom - 花ざかりの君たちへ

It's been a year since I first started to watch asian dramas - especially japanese and korean dramas. The one I started with was Hanazakari no Kimitachi and I think this drama was the reason I got so fascinated and captivated by asian dramas =)


Hana Kimi tells the story of Ashiya Mizuki (Horikita Maki), a japanese girl that lived in California, USA and now returns to Japan to meet the person of her admiration, Sano Izumi (Oguri Shun). The quiet star of Osaka Gakuen - a boy's school -  has quit high jumping after he got badly injured while having been on a training camp. Mizuki decides to disguise herself as a boy to be able to enter the boy's school.

Having tricked (almost) everyone that she's a girl, she gets to share a  room with her secret crush Sano Izumi. The principal does not know about Mizuki's real identity and neither does the clumsy vice principal, whereas the (gay) school doctor Umeda Hokuto (Kamikawa Takaya) finds out the truth quickly. Unlike you would possibly assume, he doesn't tell anyone about her gender but helps her with her mission to to make Sano jump again.
While trying to not be discovered as a girl she makes friends with the cool and funny Nakatsu Shuichi (Ikuta Toma), who was Sano's best friend before the accident Mizuki has also been involved with. As they all get closer - while trying to fulfill Mizuki's mission - a love triangle begins to develop between the three main characters. Nakatsu starts to like Mizuki without knowing that she's actually a girl and he's not gay. Sano finds out that Mizuki's a girl pretty early but still doesn't open up nor does he tell anyone and furthermore starts to fall for her. With her simplicity Mizuki pushes Sano back on the track field to train his injured ankle and train high jump again. Ashiya Mizuki has to go through the ups and downs of life, love and friendship as every teenager does and finally succeeds. 
As most of the dramas have a happy ending it's nothing different with this drama =)

Main Characters:

Ashiya Mizuki
Ashiya is a pure spirit that lives life with a great simplicity up until the point she falls in love (of course). She is no typical American girl although she has lived there for years. When she returns to Japan she disguises herself as a boy to enter Osaka Gakuen. Mizuki always admired Sano Izumi, the former high jump star of Osaka Gakuen. Because of the fact that Mizuki has been the reason why Sano got injured on his trainig camp she sees it as her mission to make him jump again. 

Sano Izumi
The former high jump star seems introverted and shy and doesn't open up to anybody anymore after he got injured. He won't even talk to his former best friend Nakatsu Shuichi who always supported Sano. He doesn't like the fact that Ashiya Mizuki is sharing a room with him at first but as the story develops he starts to fall for her. He is one of the first one's to find out that Ashiya is a girl but he doesn't reveal this fact to anybody, even Mizuki doesn't know that Sano already found out her true identity. 

Nakatsu Shuichi
The cool and funny (football and women loving) guy is in a good mood most of the time. He is very kind and tries to deny the fact that he has fallen head over heels for Mizuki because he doesn't want to be gay (although he isn't but he doesn't know that). Nakatsu helps Mizuki with fulfilling her mission because he also wants Sano to be happy again. 

Personal Rating:

It was the first asian drama in my whole life but if it hasn't been this one I'm not sure if I had continued watching asian dramas. It was such a funny and lovely drama. I really liked the main actors too, Ikuta Toma and Horikita Maki convinced me that much of their acting talent that I'm especially looking for dramas starring one of them =) I can only recommend this drama, although it's really foolish sometimes but as you continue to watch this drama you get used to it =)

Have fun watching =)

Korean & Japanese Drama Review

Soon, I'll start reviewing the d(o)rama's I've already watched.
I will deal with Hana Kimi, Playful Kiss, Koizora, Personal Taste,... and much more =)

I hope you will enjoy it ♥