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The 1st Shop: Coffee Prince - 커피프린스 1호점

Coming up with my first Korean Drama, it's Coffee Prince. The drama has a nice storyline and I really liked the actors but it was not one of the drama's I've watched more than once =)


Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is not the typical girl you would think of in a drama. She has taken over the "father part" in her family because she earns most of the money and furthermore is lecturing her mother every time she buys something expensive (a bag or a ring...). Choi Han Kyul (Goong Yoo) is the son of a rich family and taking care of anything. The most important part in his life is having fun. Unfortunately he hasn't found a wife yet which is troubling his grandmother like crazy. So she sets up blind dates for him - which he bearing more or less - and furthermore he has to open and manage a coffee shop on his own to prove that he can handle money. When He and Go Eun Chan bump into each other he mistakes her for a boy and a (brilliant) idea comes to his mind. If he lied to the "blind-date-girls" that he's gay noone of them would like to go out with him anymore. Furthermore Han Kyul is in need of waiters and Eun Chan doesn't miss the chance to earn more money so she decides to play a (gay) guy.
Another part of the story begins where Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Sung (Lee Sun Gyun) meet. Eun Chan works as a milk deliverer and always plays with Han Sung's dog (who she calls "Juliet" all the time). Seperately from Choi Han Kyul Go Eun Chan so meets the cousin - Choi Han Sung. The friendship between Han Sung and Eun Chan develops really good and some kind of love begins to arise. Ont the other hand Han Kyul (despite the fact that he still doesn't know that Eun Chan is a girl) is starting to fall for her too. So when the cousins meet (they don't have a really good realationship because they always fall for the same girl) the situations are always a bit awkward because Han Kyul thinks of Eun Chan as a boy and Han Sung knows from the start that Eun Chan is a girl.
As if the storyline isn't complicated enough Han Sung's (ex-)girlfriend is appearing. Han Yoo Joo (Chae Jung Ahn) is a really pretty woman and the two cousins have already been fighting over her some years ago (I think it's been seven years because it has been that long that she's been together with Han Sung). While Yoo Joo is trying to make up with Han Sung, he realizes that he has fallen for Eun Chan. Besides this, Eun Chan herself has fallen for Han Kyul but the two can't go out because it has still not been revealed that Eun Chan is a girl...
After some arguments (that always occur at the end of the series, so you get nervous whether they make up or not) the pairs form out of the friendship of four =)

Main Characters:
Go Eun Chan
Go Eun Chan is a lively character that misses no chance to earn some additional money. Eun Chan has several part-time jobs in order to feed her family (her sister and her mother). It seems she has taken over the "father's" position in the family because she's earning most of the money and has to watch out if her mother doesn't buy any unnecessary things. When she meets Choi Han Kyul she sees the chance of earning really much money so she agrees to play Han Kyul's gay partner and furthermore to becoming one of his waiters. As time goes by she realizes that she has fallen for Han Kyul and that she has to refuse Choi Han Sung, her boss' cousin. Go Eun Chan is the most active character in the series and although also she sometimes struggles in life, in the end it turns out well (as it most of the times does =P).

Choi Han Kyul
Choi Han Kyul is a spoiled and childish "adult". His hobbies are women and spending money. Because of his age, his grandmother is worried that he won't find a matching wife in time and so sets up blind dates for him. Furthermore he gets the order to open a coffee shop and manage it well to prove his abilities to handle money. When he accidentally meets Go Eun Chan he mistakes her for a boy and makes up the story that he's gay in order to escape from his dates. He also offers her a job at his coffe shop as a waiter. Many obstacles occur and he has to fight with his cousin over the same girl again (like they did over Han Yoo Joo).
Choi Han Sung
The cousin of Han Kyul lives on his own and earns his money by producing music, which makes him be in grandmother's favour. Seven years ago he fought with Han Kyul over the love of Han Yoo Joo and she finally decided to be with Han Sung. Unfortunately their relationship hasn't been too well and they broke up several times. At the moment where Han Sung becomes friends with Go Eun Chan they're currently not together. When Yoo Joo comes back to apologize and to make up with Han Sung he has to dissapoint Yoo Joo by telling her he has fallen for Eun Chan. In the end he has to accept that this time it's his cousin's turn and that Eun Chan only sees him as a really good friend.

Personal Rating:
Personally I was amazed by Yoon Eun Hye (and by the way the stylists made her look like a guy) because she really did a great working doing this drama. Something that really amazed me was the music. Through this drama I got to know Azure Ray and (now) one of my favourite songs of them: "Across The Ocean". Listen to them, they're really good!! I also love the grandmother (I have seen her in Boys Over Flowers and Protect the Boss too and she's always brilliant!), Kim Young Ok just knows how to do her job =P

Have fun watching =)


Eriinnye said...

Bin genau der selben Meinung wie du, Coffee Prince war das erste koreanische Drama, dass mich so richtig umgehauen hat. Yoon Eun Hye war ja auch im Gegensatz zu Maki sehr überzeugend und die Story war total spannend. Das Lied liebe ich übrigens auch ^^

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