Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hatchimitsu to Clover - Honey and Clover - ハチミツとクローバー

The second drama I've watched was Honey & Clover. Unlike Hana Kimi, I've only watched this drama once. Still it has some really good points and the story is cute too =)


Honey & Clover revolves around five college students that struggle with the most difficult topic of life (or so it's often said) - love. In addition to the fact that love itself is difficult enough, the main characters are all stuck in love triangles. Takemoto Yuta (Ikuta Toma) is in love with Hanamoto Hagumi (Narumi Riko), who is in love with Morita Shinobu (Narimiya Hiroki). Yamada Ayumi (Harada Natsuki) loves Mayama Takumi (Mukai Osamu) with all her strenght but he himself likes Harada Rika (Seto Asaka) a designer for who he works.
Takemoto Yuta meets Hanamoto Hagumi at the college pond one day and falls in love with her at first sight. They meet often because one of their teachers is related to her and wants the four friends to watch and consult her. Hanamoto Hagumi has lived in the countryside all her life long and doesn't know anything but how to paint. When one of her paintings is exhibited at the college Morita Shinobu is so touched (what he barely is) that he runs off to tell her how much he appreciates her work. Takemoto is jealous of his friend because he was the first one to meet Hanamoto.
Meanwhile Yamada Ayumi tries to make Mayama Takumi fall in love with her in what she fails awfully. Mayama himself is not getting tired of telling his boss, Harada Rika, how great she is but she doesn't love Mayama back.
In an accident Hanamoto Hagumi hurts her hand so badly that she can't paint anymore. Takemoto and Morita both try to stay by her side but Morita finally wins the "secret battle" with taking her away from the hospital. Finally she rehabilitates because of the good writing treatment of her friends and has to tell Takemoto that he has no chance by loving her.

Main Characters:

Hanamoto Hagumi
Hagumi is one of the five protagonists around who the story is revolving. She appears at the campus one day and meets Takemoto Yuta for the first time. Hagumi turns out to be a really skilled painter but she is extremely shy and doesn't talk very much. Although Takemoto falls in love with her, she falls for Morita Shinobu - the former best artist (sculpturer) of the campus.

Takemoto Yuta
Takemoto is an architecture student that lives together with Morita Shinobu and Mayama Takumi. They all don't have any money and therefore always craving for food. Takemoto studies architecture like his friend Mayama. When Takemoto meets Hagumi he falls in love with her at first sight. He tries to supress his feelings but he fails obviously. Unfortunately his love remains unrequited because Hagumi falls for Morita.

Morita Shinobu
Morita Shinobu is the oldest student of the university, he is already 26 years old and is in his 7th year of studying just because he's too lazy to finish his studies (although he would be talented enough to do so). When Hagumi arrives at university he is extremely amazed and touched by her paintings. Although he knows about Takemoto's feelings for Hagumi he kisses her one day.

Yamada Ayumi
Yamada Ayumi studies pottery at the university and is always reprimanding her friends. She is desperately in love with Mayama Takumi but this love is also one-sided. She is really vivacious and always expresses her feelings freely.

Mayama Takumi
Mayama Takumi is an architecture student that seems to be the calmest one of the five friends (apart from Hagumi). He works in an architecture office that is lead by the woman he's in love with. Unfortunately this love stays unrequited until the very end. He is annoyed of Yamada Ayumi and his feelings don't change.

Personal Rating:

I have only seen this series once (unlike many other dramas =) ). Still I liked the story because there seemed to be no Happy End. That may sound a little confusing because Happy End's are more relieving than sad endings but although I also really like happy endings I sometimes prefer something else than the usual =) The actors are pretty cool, first of all I watched it because of Ikuta Toma but through this series I got to "know" Mukai Osamu who is also a really skilled actor! Honey & Clover is a nice drama!

Have fun watching =)


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