Sunday, 22 January 2012

Atashinchi no Danshi - My Boys - アタシんちの男子

Another dorama starring Horikita Maki, a stunning actress in my eyes, and introducing Mukai Osamu and Seto Koji to me. Atashinchi no Danshi is definitely worth the time watching. 


When Mineta Chisato's (Horikita Maki) mother dies due to an illness and her father leaves his daughter great debt (one hundret million yen), the young girl becomes a so-called "net café refugee", always on the run from the loan sharks. She is homeless and never wants to be part of a family again. One day Okura Shinzo (Kusakari Masao), the representative director of "Miracle" (a toy production company) and father to six adopted (and handsome) boys, rescues Chisato by paying back her debt. The service in return is Chisato marrying him so that she cares for the boys like a mother. Unfortunately her new husband only has one month to live.
Afther this one month she visits "Trick Heart Castle" for the first time and from now on has to face the challenge of bringing up the six spoiled sons - Okura Fuu (Kaname Jun), Okura Takeru (Okada Yoshinori), Okura Shu (Mukai Osamu), Okura Masaru (Yamamoto Yusuke), Okaru Satoru (Seto Koji), Okaru Akira (Okayama Tomoki) (in order of age). For three months she has to complete the task of being a mother to these individuals. And it's not only the boys who drive Chisato crazy - "Trick Heart Castle" is the doing of a toy specialist and there are many strange things going on there...
Main Characters:

Mineta Chisato 
 The "net café refugee" is a strong-willed 20-year-old homeless woman who is on the run day and night because of the loan sharks searching for her to repay the debt her father left her with. As she's lucky enough to get rescued by Okura Shinzo, Chisato can't even imagine what the future holds for her. Shinzo makes Chisato his wife and at the same time to mother of his six adopted sons. Although Chisato never wanted to live in a family again, she has to accept the "offer" because otherwise she would have to repay the 100 million yen. But with her strenght and kind-heartedness everything works out fine. Meanwhile Chisato's still searching for her father...

The Okura Sons
Fuu - the eldest son is very popular amongst women. His hobby is drawing and he's not living at "Trick Heart Castle" anymore
Takeru - (in fact I haven't really figured out who he really is --> I'll fill it in if I ever find it out)
Shu - is a popular host and lives on his own. It's between him and Chisato that the romance begins to bloom.
Masaru - is a "women-phobian" diva that is pretty popular in town. He suffers of the most serious personality issues of all boys.
Satoru - locks himself in a room in the castle and is one of the more difficult-to-handle-boys, who's hobby is magic.
Akira - the youngest son is really intelligent and already invests in stocks at his age. In his eyes he doesn't need to inherit any of the money of Shinzo.
Personal Rating:

Personally I rate this dorama as absolutely amazing comedy romance! At first I wasn't sure wheter to continue watching the series because of the craziness but Horikita Maki ranks among my favourita Japanese actresses and also played the role of Mineta Chisato with brilliance! If you decided to finish this drama you'll love the tricky castle and the boys. Even though they have some serious personality issues they're just adorable =)

Have fun watching =)


Eriinnye said...

Danke für die Review, ich habe das Drama nur bis Folge 4 gesehen, es aber nicht wirklich abgebrochen, jetzt werde ich wohl weiterschauen müssen :D

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