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City Hunter - 시티 헌터

This highly rated Korean drama is from 2011 and I watched while it was aired (not in Korean of course but two days later I could watch the subbed version on the internet). So this is a really special drama to me and (like many others) one of my favourites! City Hunter is thrilling, addictive and people from all over the world are captivated by it =) You can look up the Episode Ratings here, they're truly amazing!!

The series start on the day of "Rangoon bombing", October 9. The Burmese President should be killed on this day by North Korean soldiers. After the attempt the president survived (although many other politicians died), a secret group is formed that has to force its way into North Korean territory. Unfortunately this mission fails because the group bumps into a South Korean patrol (which of course doesn't know that the as North Koreans disguised men are actually from the same side). The South Korean soldiers shoot all of the members of the special unit exept one. And exactly that man is seeking for revenge...

Some years later the only survivor Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong) is earning a little forntune with drug trading in the Golden Triangle in Thailand. Also the son of his best friend (who has been a member of the special unit) Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) is living there with him, getting trained many hours a day to take revenge for his dead father one day.
Some years later, Lee Yoon Sung is 17 or 18 now, the young man has a mind on his own and gets along well with the inhabitants of Thailand. During a walk through a village he comes by a casino (or at least it seems like it is one) where a gang who is just about to cut off a man's hand because they think he has cheated. Yoon Sung, highly motivated, throws his apple into the direction of the window behind which the action is taking place. As the gang turns to him and chases him, he rescues the man, who happens to be Korean too, and flees back "home". This funny guy, Bae Shik Joong (Kim Sang Ho), is taken in Lee Jin Pyo's group living in the Golden Triangle. When the gang that chased Bae Shik Joong before appears again, Lee Yoon Sung can prove his abilities of handling guns. Unfortunately his only mother figure is shot during that incident.
Lee Yoon Sung then studies at the United States and goes to Seoul when he's a 28-year-old MIT graduate. It's 2011 now and Yoon Sung's mission is to eliminate all of the five politicians who were involved in the case 28 years ago). There he starts working in the Blue House's IT department and now is able to work efficiently on his (or better say on his step father's) revenge. At the Blue House he also meets a girl he only knew from a photography, Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), of who he promised to Baek Shik Joong he would take care of without her noticing it. Of course he falls in love with her but he can't admit his feelings because Lee Jin Pyo is watching over him and telling him not to fall in love because that would only distract him from his work. After a while Kim Na Na realizes that she fell for this bad guy too and somehow she gets involved in the revenge plan. Another important point to mention is that Lee Yoon Sung and Lee Jin Pyo are having different ways of revenge. Lee Jin Pyo ordered to kill them one after another but Yoon Sung just wants to humiliate them and get them imprisoned for a lifetime. He thinks that if they're dead they would escape from their judgement. So he drugs his "victims" and sends them to the police station, where prosecutor Kim Young Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk) is working. This police officer is also given the task of arresting the mysterious City Hunter because it's illegal to kidnap somebody, wheter it's for a good thing or not. In addition to the prosecution of Kim Young Joo, Lee Yoon Sung is also working against his step father which brings him into really dangerous situations. His mother is the owner of a small snack shop and doesn't know that he's alive neither that he returned to Seoul. Yoon Sung reveals that he's her son after some time, against his step fathers will of course.
Many of the politicians die and the current president of South Korea also has a great impact on the development of the story. The end of the series is quite confusing and there are many ways of understanding it, so I won't tell what will happen in the end and will just encourage you to watch the series. =)

Main Characters:

Lee Yoon Sung
Yoon Sung is getting kidnapped by Lee Jin Pyo when he's only a baby. He gets trained to take revenge on his father's murderers (in a figurative way because he should kill the politicians who said that there was no special unit where everybody was killed) in Thailand. When he finishes his studies in the United States he goes back to his home country South Korea. His only aim is to scold the five politicians who were involved in the murder 28 years ago. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he's not the type of guy who would kill somebody just because, he wants these men to suffer and to account for their crime. This is why he sends them to the police station and just vanishes without leaving a trace. His only problem is that the prosecutor Kim Young Joo discovers pretty early (or at least he assumes it) that Yoon Sung is the City Hunter but he has no evidence to arrest him. The clumsy Bae Shik Joong is helping Yoon Sung out with his missions, just like Kim Na Na (who also likes the thought of staying by his side).

Lee Jin Pyo
The best friend of Lee Yoon Sung's father is kidnapping Lee Yoon Sung in order to train him properly. He is the only survivor of the murder 28 years ago and is now aiming for killing the five politicians who let vanish all the documents that would prove that has been a special unit and that they were killed by South Korean soldiers.
When Lee Yoon Sung is only 17 or 18 and they're still living in Thailand he almost loses his leg because he saved Yoon Sung from getting blown up by a hidden mine. His limping is why he's recognized easily but Lee Jin Pyo is really good at covering his tracks. As the story develops he even aims against his foster son because he won't take the revenge the way Jin Pyo wants him to. Towards the end of the series Jin Pyo gets inaccurate more often and in the end he's also discovered by the prosecutor and Lee Yoon Sung works against him too.

Kim Na Na
Na Na is a tiny and small woman who is really good at karate (or some other kind of martial arts). Her parents are both dead and were guards of the president. Now Na Na is aiming to become a presidential guard too. She works at the Blue House where she first meets Lee Yoon Sung. They are partners in martial arts training and she seems to be way superior to him but in fact he just can't show his real skills at "normal" work. Kim Na Na knows what she wants and therefore often struggles in life. She's part-time working too because she wouldn't be able to afford her flat anymore. And of course she won't accept any money from anyone. When Lee Yoon Sung's and Kim Na Na's trails are crossing more often, she starts to care for that shameless and bad guy. After a while she finds out that he's the City Hunter and from that moment on she has to participate in his missions. As the story develops and Lee Yoon Sung let it make known (subconciously) that he likes Na Na too Kim Na Na becomes one of the aims of Lee Jin Pyo becuause in his eyes she distracts Yoon Sung from his revenge.

Personal Rating:

I'm really in LOVE with this drama! The story is really cool and the stunts are amazing (I don't care whether the actors themselves did them or not because also the stunt doubles do a great job), especially the fight scenes. Also the camera work is really really good, I just love the fast and then suddenly very slow camera work (I don't know if I explained it properly but maybe you can guess what I mean when you watch the series). The actors are great and you get really captivated by the great job they're doing! Although I got confused very often when they started to talk about politcs, I still understood the development of the story very well. The film score is brilliant, I really love the two songs "Sad Run" and "Nice Play". Sad Run is the music of thrilling and exiting scenes, Nice Play seems to be the theme of Bae Shik Joong, which extremely emphasizes his clumsiness.
Oh, and by the way, this series is really known all over the world. I even saw people in Austria watching the series (which really surprised me but I was also very happy that I'm not the only one getting addicted to Korean dramas)!!
Well, there's really nothing more to say but WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT =)

Have fun watching =)


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