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Playful Kiss - 장난스런 키스

Presenting the next Korean Drama to you, I have chose my absolute favourite of all the Korean Drama's I've already watched: Playful Kiss! I've watched the series so often that I can't even remember how often I've already seen it =)

The story revolves around a girl named Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min), who is the clumsiest and one of the worst students at school, and the amazing and most intelligent student, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong).
Oh Ha Ni is the daughter of a noodle restaurant owner who is known as the best cook in town - Oh Ki Dong (Kang Nam Gil). Ha Ni is crazy in love with Baek Seung Jo but he doesn't know she even exists. For this reason Oh Ha Ni writes a love letter to him confessing her love. When she gets it back Seung Jo tells her he hates stupid girls and when she opens the paper he gave to her she reaizes that he didn't reply but corrected her mistakes in the love letter. Humiliated in front of everyone she backs down and gets depressed. On the other hand Ha Ni's father tries his hardest to be a good dad to her. The two just moved into a cute two-storey house and are enjoying a gorgeous meal - made by Ha Ni's father of course - when suddenly an earthquake damages the new-built house so badly that they can't live in it anymore. Having lost everything and not knowing where to go, a call changes everything. An old friend who saw the damaged house and Oh Ha Ni's father on TV invites them to stay and live with them until they find a new place to stay.
Baek Seung Jo is the most intelligent and the most handsome guy at school. Unfortunately he's also the most arrogant and the most selfish one. However almost every girl falls for the icy cold guy - even the teachers! When he receives a letter of a girl named Oh Ha Ni, he doesn't even bother to bring her back her own letter (instead of an answer), having corrected every mistake she made. Apparently he's relieved to have gotten rid of another stupid girl but when his father makes a call, asking an old friend to live with his family his life changes dramatically.
The old friend that has called was Baek Seung Jo's father, Baek Soo Chang (Oh Kyung Soo), and now Oh Ha Ni has to live together with the guy that humiliated her in front of everyone and with who she is still in love. Baek Seung Jo's mother, Hwang Geum Hee (Jung Hye Young), is really happy about the fact that she finally gets to live together with a girl (so that she can pretend that Oh Ha Ni is her daughter), whereas Seung Jo's brother, Baek Eun Jo (Choi Won Hong), doesn't like her from the beginning because he has to leave his room to Oh Ha Ni.
As the story develops the two main characters finish high school and start university. Meanwhile Ha Ni tries her best in making Seung Jo fall for her but it seems as if she fails every time. In addition to the fact that Seung Jo doesn't seem to like Oh Ha Ni there's the problem of two further important characters. Yoon Hae Ra (Lee Si Young) is the prettiest girl of university and also one of the most intelligent ones. She immediately gets along well with Baek Seung Jo and it seems that those two genius are a "couple made in heaven" (other than that, Seung Jo's mother is sure of the fact that Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo are the "couple made in heaven"). Not only Baek Seung Jo has a girl that likes him very much, there's also Bong Joon Gu (Lee Tae Sung) who has been stalking Oh Ha Ni for years. When high school is over he decides to work at Oh Ha Ni's father's restaurant and he's surprisingly good at it. The life of Oh Ha Ni goes on without having succes at college, neither in love. She struggles with the fact of not knowing what she wants to do later in life and the fact that she should give up on her love to Baek Seung Jo and try to love Bong Joon Gu instead. Baek Seung Jo himself seems to become gentler and nicer (especially with Ha Ni) but tries his hardest not to fall for Oh Ha Ni. Although he begins a relationship with Yoon Hae Ra, he finally has to realize that he can't love anybody but Oh Ha Ni.
At the time where Bong Joon Gu asks Oh Ha Ni to marry him, which she rejects, Baek Seung Jo finally confesses to her and furthermore immediately asks Oh Ki Dong for permission to marry his daughter. Taken by surprise, Oh Ha Ni has to rethink everything over and therefore decides to move out for a while without anyone telling where she is. Meanwhile Baek Seung Jo has decided to become a doctor and picks his major at medicine school. When he tracked down Oh Ha Ni, she tells him that she wants to be nothing but a nurse so that she can help him at the hospital.
The two of them finally get married and after their honeymoon Oh Ha Ni's next aim is to change her major and become a nurse. To sum up the end quickly, Oh Ha Ni gets the chance to become a nurse and although Baek Seung Jo is still picking on her they are happy in love.

Main Characters:

Oh Ha Ni
Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy person that belongs to the group of the poorest students of the school. For some time she has been having a crush on the genius Baek Seung Jo and decides to finally confess to him in form of a letter. Unfortunately she gets rejected and humiliated by the handsome student. When Ha Ni and her father move into Baek Seung Jo's house her world turns upside down. She has to live together with the guy that turned her down in an unpleasent way in front of the whole school and who she's still having a crush on. Oh Ha Ni is somebody who won't give up until she reaches her aim and this is why she tries to make Seung Jo fall for her with all her strength, although she fails several times.
When Seung Jo finally gives in and reveals his feelings for her she's that surprised that she decides to move out from "home" for some time to sort her thoughts out. When she comes back home she knows that she wants to become a nurse and - just like her character is - Oh Ha Ni tries everything to reach her aim, she even overcomes many of her greatest fears.

Baek Seung Jo
Baek Sung Jo - the genius of the school (and later of the college too) - is a handsome but arrogant person. He turns down almost every girl and doesn't even blink an eye to correct a love letter. When Oh Ha Ni and her father move into his family's house he's only worried about his reputation. He doesn't mind teasing and ignoring her although Ha Ni is trying her best to make him love her. As time goes by his farce begins to fall and it seems that he does have feelings for Oh Ha Ni but he doesn't want to admit them at first. However, when Bong Joon Gu asks Oh Ha Ni to marry him he can't hold his feelings back anymore and finally confesses to her.
In addition to all the luck he always had, he also discovers his passion for medicine and decides to become a doctor (an idea Ha Ni put in his mind some time ago). When he confesses his feelings and asks Oh Ha Ni's father for permission to marry him, Oh Ha Ni runs away to sort everything that just happened out. So when she comes back she admits that her dream is to always be by Seung Jo's side and because of that she wants to become a nurse. Unlike his personality he doesn't tease her this time. The married couple overcomes their differences with humour and it seems that they mix well.

Personal Rating:

The only thing I can say is "watch these series!". You'll be surprised that you start to love everything about it. The actors are great - especially Jung So Min - and the story is really fun. I haven't read the manga books but I guess the director has adopted the story line very well. The only thing you have to endure is the strange beginning of the drama because it starts with a dream of Oh Ha Ni and it is really unrealistic! When I started to watch the series I thought about terminating the series but just in this moment the dream ended. I would regret it if I hadn't watched it. There are also the "YouTube Special Episodes" called "Naughty Kiss" and it tells the story after the end of the real series. Although these are only short sequences, it's really fun! Once you started watching you can't stop anymore =P

Have fun watching =)


Eriinnye said...

Ach ja... ich und Playful Kiss sind nicht die besten Freunde^^ Das liegt aber daran, dass ich die taiwanesische Version It Started With A Kiss total liebe und im Vergleich wirken die Story hier einfach lieblos dahingeklatscht mit Schauspielern, die gute Chemie untereinander haben. Im Vergleich jedenfalls^^ Es war jetzt nicht so schlecht, aber gegen ISWAK kommt es einfach nicht an! Hast du die taiwanesische Version schon gesehen?

Eriinnye said...

Naja bei ISWAK dauert alles auch viel länger, es sind immerhin zusammen mit der 2ten Staffel 50 Folgen ^^ Dafür ist die 2te aber umso besser, mann muss eben Geduld haben :P

Katie. said...

ja, ich habe den anfang von ISWAK gesehen, aber nachdem ich Playful Kiss ja schon gesehen hatte, hat mich die taiwanesische version nicht gerade umgehaut... =)

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