Saturday, 3 December 2011

Personal Taste/Preference - 개인의 취향

As you've let me decide wether to do Personal Taste or Protect the Boss first, I decided to publish them in the order I've watched it =) This time I'll try to write a bit briefer so that you get an impression of the drama and don't have that much to read...


When Park Gae In (Son Ye Jin), a furniture designer with very little success, meets Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) for the first time, her whole world begins to collaps (although that isn't fully Jin Ho's fault). Her boyfriend Han Chang Ryul (Kim Ji Suk) is getting married to her best friend Kim In Hee (Wang Ji Hye) without telling Gae In before and a very good friend of Gae In loans money on her behalf so that she's in great debt. This is why Gae In is looking for a roommate (after she's thrown out her friend In Hee) who turns out to be Jeon Jin Ho.
Jeon Jin Ho is an ambitious young architect that tries to reach his aims with his own strenght, although this is no easy task, as Han Chang Ryul is his constant opponent, receiving help from his father all the time. He and his co-worker No Sang Joon (Jung Sung Hwa) find out that Gae In's father will be in the jury for a very important architecture contest and that he's looking for a concept like his Sanggojae (a sophisticated hanok - traditional korean home). In this exact Sanggojae Park Gae In is living and now that she's looking for a roommate it seems to be the perfect chance to find out the specialities of the hanok.
Despite the fact that Jeon Jin Ho is absolutely straight, the events going on show him as a gay guy (what gives him much advantage in becoming Gae In's roommate). He gets tangled up with all his lies and is unable to confess his love for Gae In, although it has become obvious that she has already fallen for him. As their little revenge game (Gae In pretends to take Chang Ryul back and Jin Ho secretly advises her) goes on, they slowly start to show feelings for one another.
As the end of the competition comes closer, In Hee and Chang Ryul somehow find out that Jin Ho moved into Sanggojae to take advantage of Gae In. That's why they assume that he doesn't really love her but pretends to be, in order to use her. In fact, Jin Ho truly loves Gae In and therefore has his own methods and strategies to wriggle himself out of that crazy situation.
In addition to that, Park Gae In has to face the truth about her mother's early death and therefore needs Jin Ho's support even more...

Main Characters:

Jeon Jin Ho
Jin Ho, the young and ambitious (straight) architect moves into Park Gae In's home in order to find out the secret special traits of Sanggojae. Being considered gay he moves in quickly and the new roommates soon become friends. As the story develops the love between Jin Ho and Gae In begins to grow and they find themselves tangled up in a confusing love story. Jin Ho has to be honest to himself and those around him and slowly begins to reveal his feelings. The project he's working on is still considered to be based on the Sanggojae-Concept but Jin Ho soon realizes that he can't use Gae In in that way.

Park Gae In
Park Gae In is the daughter of a well-known architect and designs furniture. She's trusting and therefore a great victim for betrayal. Her current boyfriend Han Chang Ryul and one of her "best" friends Kim In Hee (I'm putting this in quotation marks, aware of the fact that this woman is no good friend at all, although Gae In does not realize this fact for a very long time). She's taking in Jeon Jin Ho as a roommate because he's gay and they live together avoiding and denying their feelings. Gae In wants to take revenge on Chang Ryul and asks Jin Ho for help. As they proceed with their plan to destroy Chang Ryul it becomes undeniable that it's not just friendship anymore. Due to the fact that Gae In believes Jin Ho's gay she cannot accept her feelings and tries to shut them down (as if something like this would be possible, but well, it's a drama...).

Personal Rating:

This drama was great! It's not only that the actors seem to have an awesome chemistry but also the stroy line that fascinates me. I love the clumsy and naive Park Gae In because she undergoes the most dramatical change in the drama. Jin Ho is (besides the fact that he's strikingly handsome) a nice character but he's so damn passive (excuse me) that I sometimes want to crash the screen, take him by the shoulders and tell him to not act so strange (okay I'm exaggerating but that would be so cool). Furthermore I'm a big fan of architecture and therefore was pretty impressed by the beautiful Sanggojae. I haven't seen a hanok before but I hope I will one day =)
What I want to mention regarding all Korean (or other) dramas, I don't like the extravagance sometimes because this reminds me of a theatre performance (and I don't really like theatre performances) but on the whole Korean filmmakers are doing a great job adapting a story!
By the way, try watching the behind the scenes sometimes! It gives you a good impression of how hard work can be, how the actors are working and furthermore offers many funny moments to watch.

Have fun watching =)