Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Zettai Kareshi - Absolute Boyfriend - 絶対彼氏。

At first I wasn't sure if the story would be interesting... A robot? In love? This is not the usual material with which love stories are told. I was put right just after the first episode! Zettai Kareshi - Absolute Boyfriend is the perfect dorama for me to watch =)


When the company "Kronos Heaven" offerst the perfect lover to Izawa Riiko (Aibu Saki) she can't resist the temptation to try it out - especially because she currently got rejected by the person she admires. What she doesn't know is that her perfect lover is a robot dedicated toonly love her! At first she tries to get rid of the "appliance" (named Tenjo Night) but little by little, the perfect but also clumsy robot becomes an important place in her life and heart.
Meanwhile, the boss of Riiko, Asamoto Soshi (Mizushima Hiro), realizes that Izawa could be more than a normal temporary worker because of her baking skills and her good sense of taste. This is how Soshi becomes interested in Izawa and then falls in love with her, which makes the love triangle perfect. As Izawa tends to like Asamoto Soshi too, she can't help it but fall for the robot too.
When she finds out that her best friend Mika is going out with the person she admired in the beginning, she faces a serious life change. Besides Tenjo's farce begins to vanish as more and more people in Izawa's environment begin to discover who Tenjo really is. Now Riiko has to decide to whom her heart really belongs - is it Tenjo Night (Hayami Mokomichi) that will never love any woman besides her, or will it be the human and natural Asamoto Soshi who truly admires her?

Main Characters:

Tenjo Night
Tenjo Night is not human. Or at least he shouldn't be. He is a robot dedicated to love Izawa Riiko. His personality is genereated the way Izawa wanted him to be. In the beginning he appears to be clumsy because he can't adapt to the real world the way a human would but Riiko tries to change him to not attract attention. Whereas Riiko is occupied with work and her love troubles, Tenjo is only focused on Riiko. As time goes by Tenjo develops his own personality and also works against his own creator from "Kronos Heaven". In the end Riiko is the one who decides his destiny...

Izawa Riiko
Izawa Riiko works as a temporary at the dessert company "Asamoto". She admires one of her co-workers who cold-heartedly leaves her after two dates. This is why she agrees to generate a fictional personal lover and finally accepts the robot living with her. When the free trial is over Tenjo already has a place in Riikos heart, which is why she takes the burden to pay all the fees to "Kronos Heaven". In the end she has to decide whether to live with Tenjo Night or to love her boss Asamoto Soshi.

Asamoto Soshi 
Asamoto Soshi is the second son of the heirs of the "Asamoto" dessert company. When he first watches Riiko taste a dessert and give an opinion that is deep-minded he starts to keep an eye on the temporary worker. Little by little he falls for her and only has to win the love competition against Tenjo Night of which he doesn't even know the true identity... 

Personal Rating:
These series were so much fun watching that I immediately started to watch it again. It's a modern and funny love story. I haven't read the manga series but it seems quite well adapted and I also read from fans that the manga has been very well realized. Even the idea of a robot dedicated to love is just amazing! The triangle love story is nothing new but what if one of the people in this triangle is not human? That is an interesting discussion point. Hayami Mokomichi plays the robot so well that I couldn't get this idea of him not being human not out of my head, what made it very difficult to watch another series starring him (as a human of course). This series is a "must-watch" if you're as dedicated to Japanese doramas as I am =)

Have fun watching =)


Eriinnye said...

Ich habe dieses Dorama geliebt! Hätte nie gedacht, dass ich wegen eines "Roboters" so viel heulen würde, aber ich habe total viel geflennt, der Film hat mir dann die letzten Hoffnungen geraubt und mich innerlich umgebracht xD Haste den Film schon gesehen?
Ich will das Dorama auf jeden Fall nochmal gucken!

KPopAddict said...

I have to say that I actually liked the manga better than the dorama, but well...maybe that's because I read the manga beforehand and well...I'd say that the characters of the manga and the dorama don't resemble each other AT ALL xDD (they seem so much more like adults in the dorama than in the manga xD)
Still, Doramas FTW :)

Katie. said...

I don't know the manga, so I can't say much about that but everytime I try to read a manga after I watched the drama, I can't finish it. I tried that with City Hunter but in addition to the difference between drama & manga the names were different and the storyline was confusing... =)

Julia Oyie Cesare said...

I really love this drama :')I cried a lot T.T
Tenjo night <3

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