Wednesday, 29 February 2012

200 Pounds Beauty - 미녀는 괴로워

I've watched this movie almost a year ago and I still remember it very clearly. 200 Pounds Beauty wasn't one of the movies I would watch over and over again but it's a beautiful story about beauty and the price you have to pay for it...


Kang Han-Na (Kim Ah-Jung) is not pretty nor does she have much self-confidence, nevertheless she's "the voice" of Ammy, a famous pop singer who is the absolute opposite of Han-Na. Besides the fact that she's working behind the scenes, she also has a crush on the music company's director Sang-Jun (Joo Jin Mo). After being humiliated in front of her secret love she runs of crying, overhearing that Sang-Jun defends her.
Han-Na decides to do a complete body-makeover and blackmails a plastic surgeon to help her do so. After a year of recovery, the new Han-Na, who now calls herself Jenny, returns to audition for the beackground voice of Ammy again. However the casting agents ask her to sign a contract herself and so Jenny starts a carrer on her own. As time passes by Ammy and Sang-Jun find out who Jenny really is but keep it a secret at first.
When it's revealed who she really is she decides together with Sang-Jun that she has to tell the public. During her concert she can't sing anymore and has a breakdown. Still, with the help of a video that shows her old obese self singing beautifully, she explains the whole situation to the crowd. In the end Jenny becomes a famous music artist, changes her name back to Han-Na and Sang-Jun realizes that he really likes Han-Na.

Main Characters:
Kang Han-Na 
Han-Na is an obese phone sex employee and the secret singer of Ammy, who's pretty but can't sing at all. When she decides to to a body-makeover, one of her regular callers - a plastic surgeon - is of great help as he finally agrees to do the makeover.
When she returns to the music company after a year of recovery as "Jenny", nobody recognizes her, not even her best friend. Although she only auditioned to be the secret voice of Ammy again, the agents ask her to sign a contract herself. As Sang-Jun and Jenny become closer because of work, it doesn't take Sang-Jun very long to find out Jenny's true identity. Jenny/Han-Na realizes now what she has done and decides to reveal everything to the public. At her concert Sang-Jun shows a video af Han-Na singing and she tells the whole story to the crowd, which is leading to a Happy End.

The music company director is a really gentle man, with who Han-Na is in love. When he meets Jenny he almost forgets about Han-Na because of Jenny's beauty and "naturalness" but as he comes closer with her he discovers her true identity. Finally found out, he helps her confessing everything to the public and realizes he has always liked Han-Na.

Personal Rating: 

This story about beauty, love, music and self-acceptance shows that you can become more self-confident with changing your body but that doesn't count if you can't accept who you are. Han-Na lied about her true identity and thereby denies herself. I don't see this as the purpose of gaining self-confidence. If you are self-confident you have to be true about everything of you. Even if you did some plastic surgery you have to admit that so that you can call yourself self-confident. You can't be ashamed of both, your former self and your new one... Anyways, Han-Na is able to tell the truth in the end and this is what real beauty and self-confidence is about (for me of course =P).

Have fun watching =)


Eriinnye said...

Ich mochte den Film total gerne und der Song Ave Maria ist total toll - und dann singt sie ihn noch tatsächlich! Habe ich anfangs nicht gedacht^^

KPopAddict said...

Woah it's been a while, I think this was one of my first K-Dramas ever :D Old memories come flooding back when I read this <3
Btw, I didn't know that you've seen it too. hehe :)
I really liked the drama, even though it kind of bothered me how much she changed, I liked her character in the beginning too ^^
:) <3
-voting for inner beauty :)

Katie. said...

well, the purpose of the story IS to tell people that the inner beauty counts! but this is (unfortunately) not how the star industry works...
just for the record, I vote for the inner beauty too =)

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