Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Koizora - Sky of Love - 恋空

In comparison to Korean dramas this series don't have many episodes but although it seems that short, a lot of things happen in this Koizora. This drama made me cry - although this isn't achieved very easily!


The story revolves around Tahara Mika (Mizusawa Elena), an innocent high school girl and an outstanding and unconventional seeming guy named Sakurai Hiroki (Seto Koji). They attend the same high school but this is where the common ground ends. One day, Hiro kisses Mika out of the blue and wants her to be his girlfriend. Mika refuses and runs off. Hiro doesn't stop following her and after some days/weeks they start to date. One day Hiro talks Mika into sleeping with him and although Mika first hesitates, she gives in. As a result Mika becomes pregnant and the couple has to overcome the obstacle of Mika's parents' refusal of Hiro. Unfortunately she loses the baby due to sad circumstances. In addition to that Hiro breaks up with Mika without a warning or a real reason and hurts her deeply by kissing another girl. It takes some time until Mika finds out why the love of her life suddenly vanished but from that on they're inseperable again. Can a love that has been put under that much pressure last a lifetime...?

Main Characters:

Tahara Mika
Tahara Mika is an innocent high school girl whith many friends and no experience in love. When the unconventional looking Sakurai Hiro suddenly kisses her one day. It doesn't take long until Mika falls for the blond but really kind shool boy. When she gets pregnant she faces a serious life change. Then, as everything seems to become good, Mika loses the unborn child and Hiro breaks up with her with no particular reason. They become parted for quite a while but as she finds out the reason she wants to stay by his side until the very end.

Sakurai Hiro
Sakurai Hiro is not the type of guy parents-in-law would like you to bring home (in Japan). Bleached hair and getting their precious daughter pregnant is not the way to convince them of your deep love. Still, Hiro tries everything to make Mika happy. This is why it's even stranger that he suddenly breaks up with her and vanishes from her life. Fortunately he can't help it but be more than happy about the fact that Mika stays with him as she finally discovers his "hideout".

Personal Rating:

Okay, I know you're wondering why I told you that this drama made me cry (a lot, actually) but if I told you the reason, the story of the drama wouldn't affect you in the same way it affected me. =) So just watch it, it's really good and it's only 6 episodes! It's totally worth the time watching! Maybe you have to overcome the first episode (what is not uncommon with dramas - be it Korean or Japanese)  but most of you who start to watch will finish it in no time =)

Have fun watching =)


Eriinnye said...

Ich glaube wenn man Koizora hört, dann weiss man, dass man sich auf Heulen einstellen muss ^^ Habe das Drama und den Film gesehen und mochte beide gern, wobei mir der Film - vor allem wegen dem Cast, Mika fand ich hier ziemlich nervig, etwas besser gefallen hat. Hast du ihn schon gesehen?

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