Wednesday, 14 March 2012

You're Beautiful - 미남이시네요

As there were only two votes, I decided to pick the drama I've watched for the last month (again). You're Beautiful has entagled me into its story although I wasn't sure if I liked this drama in the beginning. Watching it again made me really love it! Even though I really don't like the "noverbalism" of Korean Dramas, the foolishness of the story amazed me sometimes =P


Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye) is living the life of a nun. In her world she's the luckiest person and she needs absolutely nothing to be happy. When suddenly Manager Ma appears in her life, she gets the chance to taste the life of a real idol star. Her twin brother, Go Mi Nam, is currently in the United States and Manager Ma immediately needs a substitute for him until his return.
It doesn't take long until the first group member - Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) - discovers her true identity but keeps it a secret from everyone. Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) is the next one to find out that Mi Nam is not a guy and immediately wants to bust Mi Nam. Somehow (s)he manages to stop him and from this point on the two of them "work together", or at least at (almost) the same team. Of course, Mi Nam starts to fall for the famous and handsome (but arrogant and egoistic) group leader Hwang Tae Kyung. Shin Woo on the other hand falls for the innocent and clumsy girl and tries to show her his feelings without revealing that he knows who (s)he is. With this, the love triangle is perfect. Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) also develops feelings for her/him but he didn't figure Mi Nam's true identity yet which makes it really funny to watch him believing he's gay.
Towards the end Mi Nyu has to leave the group because her brother returns. Will she and Tae Kyung have the chance to fall in love and be honest about their feelings...?

Main Characters:

Kang Shin Woo, Go Mi Nam, Hwang Tae Kyung, Jeremy
Go Mi Nyu/Go Mi Nam/Gemma
Go Mi Nam/Nyu is a friendly young nun until the day she has to substitute her brother for being a singer in the famous idol group "A.N.Jell". As she has to disguise herself as a boy it's not easy hanging around so many guys the whole time and furthermore always having to avoid showering together with them or changing clothes in the same room. As two members find out about her true identity, there's no other chance than helping her out of these situations. Tae Kyung, the group leader, is the most egoistic person one can imagine and teases her all the time as she can't to anything but shut her mouth to protect her brother's absence. Even her love towards him can't change his cold personality. In the end, she has to go because the real Mi Nam returns but it's not too easy to leave her most precious star...

Hwang Tae Kyung
The sight of "A.N.Jell's" handsome leader causes thousands of fangirls to cry or faint. He is the perfect idol and a perfectionist himself. Nothing can be too clean and the best things are just good enough. When he discovers Mi Nam's true identity he can't wait to tell the president to kick out the "walking accident zone" (as he calls the new member). Somehow she manages to stop him from doing so and this marks the beginning of an (unintended) relationship. At first he doesn't realize that Mi Nyu has fallen for him but as time goes by he can't deny that there are feelings he can't really classify. The cold-hearted idol has never learnt how to love and now has to experience that you can only love if you allow yourself to do so.

Kang Shin Woo
The most calm member of "A.N.Jell" is the first one to discover the true identity of Go Mi Nam but sees it as funny change from his busy idol life to watch her clumsiness. After some time he has to realize that the feelings towards her are not only friendship but love. The difficult part is to make her love him, without her knowing that he has already found her out.

Jeremy is the most funny guy in this whole drama. He doesn't have a clue about Mi Nam's true identity and still falls for her. From his point of view it seems that he's gay but he can't admit that in the beginning. Always turning the mood into a joyful one he's the most adorable character in this drama.

Personal Rating:

First of all, I want to explain what I mean by "nonverbalism" in my introduction. In Korean dramas the female leads often do not speak out loud what they want to say (do they want their male lead to misunderstand the meaning of what they're saying?) and so the most complicated problems arise. I am aware of the fact that this is necessary to continue a drama. On the other hand I really do not get why the female leads (or sometimes the male leads too) never try to correct the misunderstanding (what they're doing is NOT correcting, it can only be compared to gasping). Well, that's probably the reason why I sometimes get really angry at the script writers... but nevertheless I'm watching those dramas... I could stop (or not) =P
Second thing is, and this is something that really pisses me off, that they only seem to have three different songs to play as background music AND as the songs of "A.N.Jell"... At first I thought this would only be a catchy song for the beginning but every ten minutes you hear the same song all over again (be it instrumental or sung by somone of the idol group). I mean I don't care if there are only three songs that the band plays at their concerts but please, couldn't you use some different music as background?!
I have to be honest, I'm exaggerating a lot right now but there are really not much songs throughout the whole drama.
Thirdly, so that you don't think that I totally dislike this drama, I really like the girl-desguises-herself-as-a-boy-story and furthermore it was kind of an interesting point to mix that with the story of a nun =) Although I'd love to watch a series where a boy desguises himself as a girl, I keep watching the opposite ones because they're jsut too funny =)

Have fun watching =) 


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