Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dear Friends - ディアフレンズ

Dear Friends is a story about a popular girl struggeling with the fact that she has cancer. Furthermore, some friendships are not as real as they seam and other people could be really good friends, although at first sight you would never consider them to become closer to you.

Rina (Kitakawa Keiko) is a popular high school girl, enjoying her life to the fullest. She's firmly convinced that she doesn't need any friends, exept for the times she wants them to be with her.
One night at the club Rina collapses and is now confronted with the diagnosis of having cancer. When nobody, except an allegedly primary school friend, named Maki (Motokariya Yuika), visits her at hospital she falls into some kind of depression. Another patient, Kanae (Sasaki Mao) tries to become closer with her too but Rina is really cold to her. 
While trying to jump off the hospital roof, Maki stabs herself because she wants to feel the same pain as Rina. It has now become obvious that Maki is suicidal and she's treated at the hospital now. Meanwhile Rina  recovers from her disease and returns home. Adjusting to her former life isn't as easy as she thought it would be and as a result from a rejection of a guy she makes an attempt at suicide a second time. She's stopped again by a nurse and shows Maki to her, who is now terminally ill.
This exact moment makes Rina reconsider the value of life and real friends. She enters the nurse school in order to treat Maki until 'the end'. Not long after this very day, Maki dies due to her illness...

Main Character:

This high school girl is the embodiment of what you would consider a party girl to be. Being really conceited and exploiting your friends. Even when there's nobody of her friends is visiting her at hospital she doesn't reconsider her attitude towards treating her friends right. Maki cannot change her mind either and so fails the young patient Kanae. After her first suicide attempt you get the slight feeling that Rina may have changed but in fact she hasn't. After her recovery and return to home she fails to adjust to her former life and because of the rude rejection of a guy she attempts suicide again. This time, Rina is stopped too and as she meets Maki again, she finally changes her mind about friends. She enrolls in a nursing program so that she can take care of Maki until the two of them have to part.

Personal Rating:

One of the best movies I've seen in a long time! Kitakawa Keiko plays her character in Dear Friends so well. Although at first I thought her character would be somewhat annoying, I was astounded that she could develop it so well throughout the film. I really like the story line too. I had the feeling that when she attempted suicide the second time, it was almost 'too much'... But that's only my own view. It's not a 'must watch' but nevertheless I recommend it. I don't think I would watch it a second or third time but nonetheless I enjoyed watching it.

Have fun watching =)