Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Secret Garden - 시크릿 가든

Secret Garden is a - slightly confusing - story that revolves around a handsome but self-centered CEO and a beautiful and tempered stunt double. 


Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is an egoistic, eccentric and claustrophobic CEO of a huge shopping mall. He's only wearing made-to-measure suits and looking down on everyone. Joo Won does not show up at work very often as he's the boss of the company but if he's there, everyone has to follow his instructions obediently.
Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) is a stunt double that could be an actress easily. Within the company she is the only stunt woman but she's also one of the most favourite colleages. The company's boss, Im Jong Soo (Lee Philip), is madly in love with her but unable to confess his feelings.

Those two people who could not be more different from each other meet at a filming site, where Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for the lead actress and 'kidnaps' her. The situation is clarifyed but fate has decided that this meeting wouldn't be the last one.
As those two meet accidentally more often, Joo Won somehow feels attracted to her. Ra Im herself fancies his cousin, the famous singer Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) and adding Ra Im's Boss Jong Soo that makes four people in this love mess. Completing the chaos is the body change of Ra Im and Joo Won (which makes it extremely difficult sometimes to distinguish the characters from one another). At first they try to tease each other but as time goes on they have to go to work too and this is how they start working as a 'team' and sooner or later as a couple. Question is, will they ever change back...?

Main Characters:

Gil Ra Im
Gil Ra Im is a strong(-willed) person that fits the job of a stunt woman very well. She always works twice as hard to prove herself, as she's the only female employee at the Action School.

When she first meets Kim Joo Won, she thinks of him as arrogant and annoying. Whereas his cousin, Oska has made an impression on her. At first she always blocks Joo Won's attempts to make her like him but as they spend more time in each others bodies they come to understand each other better.

Kim Joo Won
The infamous CEO of a huge shopping mall is used to getting everything he wants. After a few meetings with Gil Ra Im, the impressive stunt woman, he is convinced that he can make her like him the same way he likes her. What he didn't expect is the resistence with which Ra Im reacts to him. Joo Won is neurotic and claustrophobic and when they change bodies for the first time he can't stand the feeling of being a woman at all. Until they can switch back again, it will be a long odyssey full of laughter (for the audience) and tears (for Ra Im and Joo Won).

Personal Rating:

It took a long time until I started watching this drama. A friend of mine recommended it to me but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to see this. At first I only knew the parody by BigBang (which I really love by the way) and thought that the series itself couldn't be that much fun... But as I passed the first two episodes, I started liking the drama. Now I can say that it's worth watching!

Have fun watching =)


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