Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Faith - 신의

Faith, the brand-new historical KDrama, revolves around a Royal Guard during the Goryeo era and a Doctor that supposedly comes from Heaven. In 24 Episodes, the complicated love story between those two will be told...

The general of the Woodalchi (= Royal Guard), Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), has devoted his life to the current king Gong Min (Ryu Duk Hwan) and Queen/Princess Nogook (Park Se Young).
When the Queen gets deadly hurt, Choi Young sees it as his responsibility to find a doctor who will save her life. Having entered the "Gate to Heaven" he finds himself in a museum of the year 2012. Overwhelmed by the impressions of all the things he doesn't know, he somehow manages to find Yoo Eun Soo, a plastic surgeon and kidnaps her to his world.
Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), earning her living as a plastic surgeon in today's Seoul, wasn't expecting such a sudden change in life at all. When she gets kidnapped by the Woodalchi General from a Surgeon Fair and dragged away into the Goryeo era, she doesn't even believe that she has traveled through time at first. After fixing the Queen's wound she tries to go back through the Heaven's Gate but is stopped and therefore not able to return before the gateway has already closed.
After several weeks/months, she has somehow adapted to the new world. She is working for the King but not only he is interested in her medical skills. Lord Gi Cheol (Yoo Oh Sung) knows the "Heaven's Doctor" is precious and takes her with him. Furthermore, Eun Soo knows a little bit about Korean history and may be of great significance for both, King Gong Min and Lord Gi Cheol. As the doctor is being dragged back and forth between the two enemies, the wish to go back to her world becomes stronger.
Woodalchi Choi Young feels responsible to take the doctor back because it was him who stopped her going back in the first place but after having spent pretty much time together this is not the only feeling he has for the High Doctor. As the story develops, one get's the feeling that Yoo Eun Soo has developed feelings for him to but you can never be sure of what happens next...

Main Characters:
Woodalchi General Choi Young
The young general has had a difficult past, having been a member of the feared group "Crescent Moon". Choi Young has special powers of which most of the people are terrified of. He has already served another king who was still a kid but between the two, a profound friendship developed. When the current king took over the position of the reigning monarch, Choi Young stayed a Woodalchi and had to leave his beloved "old" king. Bringing Yoo Eun Soo into his world, causes much trouble for him and the King. He has once given up on love and now has to surpress the feelings that arise for the High Doctor.

Yoo Eun Soo, High Doctor
The skilled plastic surgeon does not like it when people play around with her. She says what she thinks and is very brave but is also easily startled. She is moved back and forth between the two opposing sides, the King and the Lord. When someone's hurt, she can't look away and always feels like she has to save everybody. General Choi Young seems a special patient, since she stabbed him herself but as time goes on it seems like she has some deeper feelings for him.

Personal Rating:

Up until episode 6, I sometimes had to persuade myself to keep on watching. Although I'm interested in Korean history, it's difficult sometimes to follow the story. I wasn't impressed from the first few episodes because I didn't like the camera work... Now, that I've seen half of the series, I am used to the camera work and I tend to overlook the (kind of) documentary look of the drama. Also, the story has a flow now and it's easier to watch.
As the series head towards an end, I finally enjoy watching these series. The whole drama has become a lot more interesting as new characters have appeared. I really anticipate the end of the series as I am curious if Eun Soo stays in the Goryeo era or if Choi Young comes with her, into the future...

Have fun watching =)


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