Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sprout - スプラウト

The very fresh and innocent drama provided a nice change from all the 'elaborate' dramas I've watched over the past weeks. The love story in Sprout is growing like a little flower until it blooms in it's greatest colors...


Ikenouchi Miku (Morikawa Aoi) is living the normal life of a high school student until the day her parents change their family home into a small boarding house.At first it's not easy living together with strangers but soon they start to get used to each other.
One of the new resident's is Narahashi Sohei (Chinen Yuri), who's attending the same school as Miku. As he is one of the most good-looking guys at school and Miku's secret crush, she's really shy around him. Unfortunately Sohei is together with Ozawa Miyuki (Kojima Fujiko) and now that he's living at the Ikenouchi's, Myuki and Miku are forced to get along well.
On the other hand, Sohei's best friend, Katagiri Hayato (Lewis Jesse), has a crush on Miku and through Sohei the two become a couple aswell. Now that everyone could be living happily, Sohei discovers that during the time he lived in his new home, he has developed feelings for Miku, who herself hasn't overcome her crush on Sohei. Adding up to this confusing 'love-quadrangle' Hayato and Miyuki have to be honest about their connected past.

Main Characters:

Narahashi Sohei:
Narahashi Sohei is the football ace of the school and one of the most handsome boys. Many girls dream of dating him but he's already a couple with Ozawa Miyuki. Due to family issues, he moves in with the parents of Ikenouchi Miku, who just have changed their family house into a boarding house.
Through helping his best friend Katagiri Hayato asking Miku out, he discovers that he fell for her, which jeopardizes his relationship with Miyuki.

Ikenouchi Miku:
Miku is a cute and shy girl that has never experienced love before. When Sohei, the most popular guy of her school moves in with her and her parents, she's quite startled. Unfortunately Sohei is already in a relationship with Ozawa Miyuki and furthermore trying to pair her with his friend, Katagiri Hayato. Miku tries hard to like Hayato but her heart does not beat for him. In the meantime, Sohei has also realized that he feels attracted to Miku and now the confusion is perfect. Will Miku and Sohei be together in the end?

Personal Rating:

This is the first Japanese Drama I've watched in a long time. In the beginning I was criticising the work of the direcor because they kept interrupting the story with a white screen that displayed Miku's thoughts. They even cut the sounds, which made me furious because when you were just 'getting into' the story this white screen this disrupts your (let's say) imagination. Apart from that there was little to criticise. The actors were good, despite their young age they acted pretty well. Nevertheless you still do not have the feeling that this drama has been made in 2012 - I don't know why this is but maybe it's the people that make the drama look 10 years older or it's the colors that are not as bright as in Korean dramas (and I just have got used to overly-bright colors and the display of the newest technology. Still, I recommend it to you because it's such a cute and 'unexcited' drama (in my eyes)!

Have fun watching =)