Sunday, 17 March 2013

Paradise Kiss - パラダイス・キス

A fairytale-like story, extraordinary characters and a romantic love story - Paradise Kiss is a tale about what many girls dream of ♥


When the people from the designer 'label' Paradise Kiss cast Yukari (Kitagawa Keiko) as their final-project-model they don't know how much work and trouble is coming towards them. 'Caroline' - her new name, given to her by the design students - has only studied for exams her whole life and now gets the chance to escape the hardship and do what she wants. The only problem is that she doesn't know what she wants to do. 
George (Mukai Osamu) knows exactly what he wants - he wants to design clothes and he wants Caroline. His talent is a gift and a curse at the same time because he cannot follow restrictions regarding his designs. For his final assignment at school, he's given creative freedom, which he uses up to the fullest, although this is very tough for the rest of the team. George is the man who opens up opportunities for Caroline and supports her in every possible way to pursue her new objective, even though his efforts also have a slight selfish background.
After the presentation of the final project, Paradise Kiss (their design label) is dissolved due to some issues and the whole team is forced to think of something else to do. Now Yukari has to decide whether to walk the path of modeling or to return to school. 

Main Characters

Yukari 'Caroline' Hayasaka
Yukari has always been one of the most hardworking of the top students and obedient to her mother up until now. After being 'kidnapped' by a rather unusual group of high schoolers, she came to realize that attending top schools and universities is not everything in life. The more she spends her free time with the designers, the less she wants to return to her normal life. Rising up against her family's wishes she drops out of school to pursue her new dream - to become a model.

Jōuji 'George' Koizumi
George, the son of a rich salesman, is a genius when it comes to design. He has a calm and mysterious personality but can also be very intimitating. When his friends from ParaKiss bring in Yukari as their model, he almost immediately has his eye on her. She is the one he was looking for and therefore stops at nothing to impose his will of making Caroline his muse.

Personal Rating:

This is way not my favourite Japanese Movie but it's still a great film to watch. I am a fan of both leading actors. Kitakawa Keiko is a beautiful actress who can portray different characters of people, as for example in Buzzer Beat or Dear Friends
The first drama I saw Mukai Osamu in, was Atachinchi no Danshi, together with Horikita Maki. Then I watched Honey and Clover and he appeared on the screen again. Although in my eyes his characters were always quite similar, I decided to watch Paradise Kiss, as Kitakawa Keiko took part in it too. 
The story itself did not bowl me over but I still enjoyed the movie. The designs were beautiful, so whoever made all the clothes from Georges 'memory wardrobe' must be a wonderful designer! 

Have fun watching =)