Thursday, 24 October 2013

[UPCOMING] School 2013 - 학교 2013

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As I've already done a drama marathon on the weekend, I will be reviewing School 2013 next.
Until then, enjoy this cute selca of the handsome main characters, Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo!
Please anticipate ♥

[estimated publishing date: 11/01/2013] 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hanamizuki - ハナミズキ

Does everyone remember the taste of their first love? I guess it's unforgettable, like the love blossoming between Sae & Kouhei in Hanamizuki. Will their love bloom for a hundred years...?

Sae Hirasawa (Aragaki Yui) and Kouhei Kiuchi (Ikuta Toma) don't have anything in common, she, an ambitious highschool student, currently studying for the entrance exam at a prestigious university, he, a simple fisher boy, already working on his father's ship.
When they meet for the first time it seems as if these two people won't ever meet again because of their social differences, if Kouhei hadn't already fallen in love with the pretty girl. Some days later they start to ride the train home together every day, slowly growing closer. Soon, the day of Sae's entrance exam draws near and Kouhei starts to worry about their relationship.
Sae, having passed the test, now moves to far-away-Tokyo to study English and has difficulties leaving everything and everyone she loves behind. Gradually Sae grows up to become a beautiful and mature student.
At the beginning everything seems to be going smoothly but do they grow further and further apart from each other because of their physical and mental distance, or will their love bloom for a hundred years?

Main Characters:

Sae Hirasawa
Sae, a dilligent only child who grew up without her father, is working hard to pass the entrance exam at Waseda University. Right before she finishes school, she gets to know Kouhei Kiuchi, a simple minded boy from a fisher's family. With him, Sae experiences the sweetness of a first love, which makes it hard for her to leave for university in Tokyo. There, Sae's beauty does not remain unnoticed and she soon has her very own admirer (Mukai Osamu).

Kouhei Kiuchi
Kouhei is working hard on his father's fishing ship to secure his family a relatively stable income. When he meets Sae, it seems as if it's love at first sight. Their love for each other seems eternal but due to many different circumstances, they seem to grow apart. Kouhei tries to save their relationship but soon he has to realize that they both have grown up, not realizing time has passed so quickly. It seems as if their destinies have only crossed and aren't entangled for a lifetime.

Personal Rating:
I have watched this film twice, despite its length - 2.30h - and I still love it. I remember my first love clearly but when I saw this film those feelings I had back then bubbled up. It's such a romantic and cute love story and is not mainstream at all in my eyes. Aragaki Yui and Ikuta Toma, which are two of my favourite japanese actors, have portrayed Sae and Kouhei perfectly from highschool- to grown-up-age. I like the melancholy of the film, that makes you feel sad and flustered at the same time. Sometimes, you have to go back into your past to be able to face the future.

Have fun watching =)