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School 2013 - 학교 2013

There are tons of school dramas, telling an irrational lovestory, mainly about a rich, handsome and popular guy falling in love with a poor girl, stirring up a major crisis at school. This drama shows a different school story, it's no love story, it's just a beautiful story about friendship - School 2013


The story takes place in a Korean School, where teacher Jung In Jae (Jang Na Ra) just got to know that she will become the homeroom teacher of the most difficult-to-handle-class at school. Giving her best she can hardly manage the misbehaved students who either sleep during class or don't even show up at all.
Go Nam Soon (Lee Jong Suk), a mysterious and silent student, just got announced class president against his will, when teacher Jung gets 'help' from a transfer teacher, Kang Se Chan (Choi Daniel), who is working together with teacher Jung as the homeroom teacher from that point on. Those two teachers couldn't be more different, as Jung In Jae always tried the hardest in order to get through to her students and Kang Se Chan who gives them a hard time, being serious about his subject and teaching on a high level.
Nam Soon seems to be a secret authority in class, although he tries to stay quiet and just get trough the day without being noticed. This drastically changes when a new transfer student joins the class. Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin), an older and scary looking guy seems to have a connection with Go Nam Soon.
Through several incidents, the other students learn of Nam Soon's and Heung Soo's broken friendship and it becomes clear why Heung Soo hates Nam Soon that much.
The viewer cannot tell if they'll be able to reconcile again but there's always a chance for forgiveness, right?

Kim Woo Bin & Lee Jong Suk
Main Characters:

Go Nam Soon
This boy is far from what a teacher could call a model student, he's sleeping during class, often late and doesn't do really well on tests. At least he's loyal and treats his classmates well. His past is a mystery/secret to his friends and even to his teachers. When Heung Soo transfers to his school, old memories and feelings bubble up and Nam Soon tries hard to reconcile with his ex-best friend.

Park Heung Soo
Park Heung Soo is what a teacher would call a gangster, beating up other kids and rebelling at school. Bad luck, that he gets transferred to his enemy' school, because now he has to face his past and the fact that he may has to admit some mistakes himself. It's not just that Heung Soo is angry at Nam Soon for some reason, it's also that he regrets the breach of friendship. It's not clear whether Heung Soo is willing to make up with Nam Soon, or not, although this is what everyone wishes for.

Personal Rating:

For me, this drama has shown a very different side of Korean Dramas. Usually a drama depicts unrealistic lovestories of people of different heritage, throwing everything on the heap and changing the thinking of the society. I always wanted to know what school life is like in Korea and I think this drama draws a good picture. Although I really liked watching the handsome Lee Jong Suk, I'm also amazed by both actor's work. One can feel their real life friendship through the way they're acting together. For the last five episodes, I've done a weekend drama-thon because I couldn't stop watching. I can only recommend this realistic and fun drama, it is definitely a must for all drama fans ;)

Have fun watching =) 


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