Tuesday, 4 February 2014

20 Years Old - 스무살

Although only lasting for four short episodes, after watching this mini drama, 20 Years Old, I just felt the urge to blog about it, so that many more people will watch this cringe-worthy series, full of cuteness.


How would fans & sasaengs react, if their favourite idol/bias started dating - be it either another idol or a normal citizen? We all know, most of them would be sad, angry and out of their minds.
Kim Hye Rim (Lee Da In), a normal 20-year-old college girl and Lee Ki Kwang (Lee Ki Kwang), a member of the well known idol group B2ST/BEAST experience exactly the situation I explained before. The two went to middle school together and meet again 4 years later. Back then, Lee Ki wasn't an idol but the one stealing Hye Rim's first kiss. The two of them never saw each other again until this very day, nonetheless, the feelings for each other haven't vanished completely. They start dating secretly because of Lee Ki's idol status, until they get exposed one day. 
Is there a chance for the two to be together despite the difficult circumstances?

Main Characters:

Kim Hye Rim
This pure and innocent girl has never dated in her life and furhtermore just experienced what's it like to have an unrequited love. When she meets her former middle school friend Lee Ki, she starts having feelings for the handsome idol, although she was not interested in him before (unlike her roommate and best friend Ga Young). After some consideration they start dating and Hye Rim gives her silent consent to only be able to date him in secret. When their relationship almost gets uncovered, she goes through a very tough time, having to deny she was his girlfriend.
After having tried to date again, they are exposed for real and they have to seperate. Heartbroken Hye Rim gets harrassed by sasaengs and doesn't even receive a message from Lee Ki.

Lee Ki Kwang
"Dancing Machine" Lee Ki is dating secretly - and even a plain college student. When rumors of the hansome idol are spread about him dating, he's in a dilemma. He's been in love with Hye Rim since middle school and now he finally got the chance to be happy with her, when sasaengs and reporters ruin his dreams of being together with Hye Rim. There's no escape from the reporters, nor a chance to meet his love again - is there?

Personal Rating:

Within two minutes I had decided that I had to review this mini series. This lovely story about an idol dating a normal person has really caught my attention. Although I sometimes couldn't quite stand the cheesiness of korean aegyo, those two were just too adorable. Lee Da In and Lee Ki Kwang just displayed a perfect couple, you could feel the chemistry between those two actors. Usually you don't see a lot of kissing in korean dramas (you can't call it kissing most of the time but sometimes they manage to have the perfect on-screen kiss), so I was more than surprised that there was more kissing in this 4-episode-drama, than in a 16-episode-drama.
This series is definitely worth watching, also because it's only 20 minutes per episode. Actually I would have liked it if there were more episodes but like this it is as if you were watching an extra long movie.

Have fun watching =)


Krisou-Smurf said...

Just started watching it :) looks like a nice drama haha :D
Do you know any other dramas the female lead stars in?

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