안녕하세요 ~♥

Thank you a lot for visiting my blog!
As my blog has reached over 20.000 views last week, I've decided to post something about the person behind this posts - me ;)
I've started this blog approximately three years ago & it now has become very important to me. I've watched a lot of dramas and there are still a lot more. I'm always open for your suggestions, so don't be shy to comment on my posts!
I'm also eager to hear your opinion about a drama or my review. I'd really like to know if you agree or disagree with me.

I turned 21 this year and I hope that I'll be able to keep up this blog for a little longer. I actually don't have any relations with Asia, or Korea/Japan in particular but I've been fascinated by the eastern culture over 10 years. When a friend introduced me to Japanese Dramas and Korean Pop, I couldn't help myself but fall for this whole thing :) I am from a quite small country in Europe where KPop and KDramas have not yet reached the main population - but I know that there's a small community, that is growing bigger every day & I hope that many people from all over the world will also read my drama reviews.

I'm studying at university at the moment, which is also the reason for my irregular posting... I'm just not always able to watch a new drama or write a new review. I still keep a list of what I've watched, so keep visiting my blog for new posts.

사랑 해요 ~♥